I didn't forget about you!

It's been an incredibly fast couple of days. Except for how lazy I was yesterday, I've been running around like a crazy person. I'm going to talk about some ridiculous stuff in no particular order.

First. This birth control thing. I have no idea what started this debate. Obviously I should go back and read everything from the beginning, but I'm irritated at this point. The only people I've seen with a negative stance on insurance paying for it are men. Show me a woman, who's ever taken birth control for any reason, that thinks they should have to pay in full. I think it's an intelligent investment. It's less expensive than paying for an unwanted pregnancy. It shouldn't be this big of a deal. The government really needs to stop stepping in on religious issues. Also, I would have more money to spend in the consumer market that runs this country if I wasn't spending $30 a month on something that I need for reasons other than preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

Second. THE SEASON STARTS IN A MONTH. That is all.

Third. It's 80 degrees outside all week, and then the weekend comes? It doesn't top 70. I don't understand. I want to lay out and start my suntan base so that when the season starts I don't get fried. Obviously.

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