All I Want For Christmas + A Giveaway!!

Obviously since it's December 2nd, I need to share my Christmas list with everyone! I'm really holding out for that Jeep, so Santa, don't let me down!
Christmas List

dream jeep -- obviously | this house runs on sign
fitbit, who doesn't want a fitbit? duck boots | daisy camera strap | I am very busy phone case
kate spade passport cover | more boots!

What's on your Christmas list? Want $225 to Target to get started [and maybe pick those riding boots up for me? size 8 ;) ] then you should definitely enter this giveaway!! 

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  1. I want a FitBit too! And that sign is too perfect - might have to add that to my list as well!

  2. isn't it just the cutest? I love love love it!

  3. Clearly you and I were on the same page this week... LOL Love your wishlist!

  4. Ahhh I hope you get your dream Jeep!! *fingers crossed!*

  5. hahah me too! get it together Santa!