Thursday Things: My Favorite Songs This Week

HEY. I bet you thought I forgot to blog today! Busted. THEN, after I saw Santa, my dad + I were jamming in the car, so I figured I could totally show up for some jams today! 
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 First of all, #TBT on Spotify is on point every week. I recommend subscribing. Just remember, they update it every week so if you really love a jam (like me with the 00's throwback) save it to your own playlist (then share it on your blog and pretend you're really that clever.. oh. wait..). This week, it's 80's jams. solid. we [my dad + I] just had a mini-office dance break to Karma Chameleon
Also. If you follow me on the twitter, then you're already aware, but I literally cannot get enough of the new Nick Jonas album. when did he grow up and become so handsome? am I allowed to think he's handsome? or is that weird because I'm old?

I discovered this next one because Steph shared it one day, then I tried to tell my friends about it and got a lot of Kasey, we've already heard that one, get up with the times. Hi. My name is Kasey and since I don't listen to the radio ever I never know there are new songs. So I'm always behind the times. #notahipster :/
OH MAN WHILE WE'RE DANCING. This one too. It's cute and lovely and it makes me happy. I love to dance. 
Okay. Last of all. If you haven't seen the Hunger Games yet, I'd tell you to. I read the books, I was super interested to see how they broke the last one into two movies, it wasn't so much as a Harry Potter book, you know? Where you gotsta. ANYWAYS turns out J. Law has some pipes on her. This song is incredible. I'm obsessed. 
Do you have any new jams for me since I'm so behind without the radio and all of my obsessive 1989 car jams? What do you think of these songs? 


  1. come on eileen is in my head now. thanks for that! LOVE tbt songs! you're not alone with not knowing new songs though. I've been stuck on my 90s on 9 station in the Cruze and I have not heard that awesome new gem of a song! lol! SO THANK YOU!

  2. Melissa @ Daily ChaosDecember 5, 2014 at 1:09 PM

    Anything TBT is awesome, Sometimes on a thursday you just gotta blast out all the oldies that are instant feel good songs! I was thinking about going to see the Hunger Games tonight, apparently its an amazing movie!

  3. IT'S SO DAMN CATCHY. I was making up my own words to songs yesterday too. haha

  4. do it do it do it do it do it do it!! I love love loved it + usually I'm a harsh critic of books to movies