Apparently part of my new blogging plan is to include more recipes. That was a total surprise. but. These are too fantastic not to share. So when this was first posted on Oh. Bite It, at least five separate people sent it to me, because obviously. So I had to try it! Honestly. it's super easy and they taste like funnel cake. You don't even taste the tequila.
Okay. So, you'll have to forgive me, because I took all of these pictures like, two days after I got my camera. I'm loving it though, because I can see that in a couple of weeks my pictures drastically improved. So that's a plus right? ANYWAYS. This is so easy. Here's what you need:
  • tequila, duh. 
  • powdered sugar
  • angel food cake (I got mine for $4 with my kroger plus card 'cause ain't nobody got time or eggs for that.)
  • oil (I used canola oil, because I don't really know what the difference is + my dad said it would work fine... haha)
  • pot 
First things first, this is going to make a mess. Don't say I didn't warn you, okay? I'm asking for a cute little personal deep fryer because I'm so obsessed with this stuff. So what you're going to do is chop the angel food cake up into cute little cubes. They're gonna stay about that size, so whatever you determine to be tasty poppable size. Then, get the oil warm. I test to see if it's ready by dripping some water in it, you'll know if it's ready. Okay! Now the fun part! I poured a bowl of tequila, woo wooooo! So don't soak it! Just dip it in the tequila. If you get it way too soaked it will absolutely explode. It's crazy. So, dip the cake in tequila, drop it in the hot grease for a couple seconds until it turns golden brown, and then take it out! let them dry on a paper towel, you know like bacon! Then sprinkle powdered sugar on top of them and enjoy!! Careful though, the booze doesn't cook out! 
Okay, so I didn't take any after pictures, because I was busy eating my tasty tequila bites. Let me know if you try this out! They're soooo tasty! 


  1. I can tell you were excited about these when you wrote them because every sentence ends in an exclamation point. And also because they are delicious.

  2. I LOVE EXCLAMATION POINTS! also tequila shots for sure. SO TASTY!!!!!!!!!

  3. BEST POST ALL DAY!! yayyyy fried tequila!

  4. worth noting I was definitely doing the Pee Wee Herman tequila dance while making them.

  5. Best thing ever for a girls night!

  6. BAHAHAHHA!!! Classic!! Now that song is in my head.

  7. Okay whaaaaaat? This looks divine! I love tequila haha.

  8. YES ME TOO! so obviously I had to try this. I'm seriously obsessed.