Atlanta Blogger Holiday Meetup!!!!!!!!!!!!

OKAY. I know it's been an entire week. I also know that MeganAllison, AND Caitlin already posted recaps, but I want to tooooo okay? Okay. First things first, it took me five days to be able to laugh and not immediately grab my abs and go "ouch" like a little baby. Obviously I have to go back to Pink Barre!  

I honestly live .4 miles away from Pink Barre in Buckhead and quite honestly didn't know there was anything else in that shopping center aside from the wine store, the Italian place, and Zoe's kitchen. I tried to walk, but you know, Ben Franklin and DST prevented it. good thing I didn't walk, I wouldn't have been able to get home.
okay. I don't like eggnog, but those eggnog cookies were to. die. for. 
Also, I love all of the ladies in the Atlanta Blogger Network. Even the ones I haven't met IRL. I've never felt like there is an awkward down time when we get there. It's such a stellar group of ladies [and gentlemen...] that I always feel comfortable being myself. you know, everyone has that personality they present when they're not sure how they'll be received, in this case I definitely wasn't too shy to be the one to start the champagne drinking. 
As far as barre class goes, I will absolutely be going back. Yes, I did whine and hurt for a week, but imagine how awesome I would feel if I went all the time. PLUS I'd be in better shape and have abs and have an excuse to wear yoga pants more. Also, allegedly, it will help me with balance. In case you need me to paint you a word picture, I'm about as graceful as a bull in a china shop. Oh. And if you're wondering? I totally won the sweater contest. Obviously.

Also, being the bad blogger I am, I totally didn't take a picture of my gift bag. That doesn't mean I don't love all of the things inside of it! So I'd like to thank all of our beautiful sponsors: Pink Barre, Glow Dry, Rafflecopter, Brownie Brittle, Inkspot Workshop, PLA Beauty, and Moxie Makery. Also, can we talk about what rockstars Becca + Melissa are for putting this together? Especially all of the treats that Melissa made. I'm gonna need that cookie recipe. I might be biased, but I think the Atlanta Bloggers are the best -- especially since I make those faces + they still let me come play. 


  1. I'm still SO bummed that I wasn't able to go! :) I love all of the ladies in the Atl blogger network ladies too! <3

  2. This is the 2nd one I missed and I MUST go to the next one, I want to meet all of y'all!! Your sweater is awesome :)

  3. Looks like so much fun. I wish we had a barre class near by as well as more bloggers. Looks like so much fun!

  4. oh why thank you! I found it at the goodwill in June + I had been saving it for a special occasion! haha

  5. it was SUCH a blast! I will definitely be going back to barre class. Every time I try to talk about it though, people think I mean the kind of class where you learn to be a bartender. haha