Weekly Wishes + A Giveaway!

Oh, Monday. Here you are again. I'm in a substantially better mood than last Monday because the Falcons played pretty well on Thursday night and UGA did okay too... So we're back again for weekly wishes with the Nectar Collectivelet's see how I did!
last week’s wishes ::

use "teach yourself photography" lessons every day // I took easily 400 pictures last week. how about that? I mean, I like to take a bunch of pictures at once to make sure I get a good one [+ even more candid ones, because those are usually so much better]. I shared some from the Braves game, how do you think I'm doing?

continue to limit spending on dining out // ALL I wanted for dinner Thursday night was takeout + I managed to refrain mostly because I didn't want to miss any of TNF. So I did well again this week! 

Work out every day this week // okay so I didn't get any long runs in, or even any really long walks in, but I did get about a mile every day -- so that totally counts. 

this week's wishes ::

organize my closet // Thursday night I cleaned the apartment, obviously because it wasn't on my to-do list for the week. I have an oversized walk in closet that will hold all of my clothes and probably could be a bedroom, so I shouldn't have piles of clothes on the floor, because apparently at 25 you're supposed to pretend to be an adult. So closet organization + maybe cleanout are in order. 

write + schedule my posts for #blogtober14 // in keeping with my new addiction to blogging every weekday, I've already decided which prompts I'm going to use so, in theory, I should be able to write those ahead of time + schedule them. hello preplanning!

plan something cool for Thursday because I'm holding the Blog Baton! // YEAH! You read that right! I will be taking over the Blog Baton Instagram on Thursday, September 25th + I'll have to do some fun stuff, obviously! 

Hand in hand with my September goal of increasing followers, I'm participating in this killer giveaway that Rebekah put together! What would you do with $100 to J. Crew?
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  1. Good luck with your goals this week! 1 mile a day totally counts, it always beats staying on the couch :)

  2. Ugh, I definitely know how you feel about the closet organization. Thankfully, my husband and I have our own closets, but they're small and don't leave much room for any organization. All my clothes are currently spilling out all over the floor out of my closet ...

    Good luck with your goals, this week!

  3. thanks! I just don't have a good excuse for my closet being a disaster with how big it is!

  4. if you have any tips for closet organization feel free to share and blog about it because my closet needs help. good luck with this weeks goals! :)