17 Thoughts at 3 AM.

Hands down,  the best part of  apartment living is knowing too much about your neighbors right? No? Well our upstairs neighbors are the complete opposite of "quiet as a mouse." I first noticed it one day shortly after they moved in, when I was about to take a shower and it sounded like someone was literally knocking down our door. So the other night, when they woke me up at 3 am on a Wednesday, I decided to write down all of my thoughts. It's a fantastic list.
this picture has nothing to do with apartments, but when I saw it on Unsplash I hadta use it.
  1. are you elephants? 
  2. did you get a pogo stick?
  3. but why are you jumping on a trampoline at 3 am? 
  4. is hopscotch really necessary at this hour?
  5. was that a bowling ball?
  6. I wonder if they can teach me the river dance..
  7. why aren't you asleep? 
  8. are you playing basketball? one year in college, we had really loud upstairs neighbors that we referred to as the River Dancers, finally we asked how they made so much noise, they were actually playing basketball...
  9. is there a dance club on the 4th floor that no one told us about? 
  10. are you wearing steel toed combat boots?
  11. did you replace the carpets with hardwoods so that it would be louder?
  12. are you at least winning Dance Dance Revolution?
  13. have you broken your SkipIt record yet?
  14. that's a lot of screaming, should we call in the BAU?
  15. does the whole US Gymnastics team live up there? how's your floor routine coming along?
  16. do you EVER sleep? 
  17. do you have a pet horse? or some equally large dog? if so why are you keeping her in that teeny tiny apartment?!
Our apartment has a pretty strict noise violation policy, so I'm a little more timid than my roommate to call the leasing office and complain. I'm assuming that's tied to the fact that I can't really tell when I'm shouting or using my "inside" voice. I always give everyone that benefit of the doubt... but y'all these girls are really loud. Anyways, I'm really glad Erica is back so I can link up for Listed Tuesday! Do you have rowdy neighbors? 
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  1. I have to say, I was surprised at the end of this post to see that the tenants of said upstairs apartment are all female. When I lived in an apartment, my upstairs neighbor would wake me up at 7 AM when she would walk into her bathroom in her high heels. And then one morning she puked. And then she puked every day for 2 weeks, but she was still in her high heels, which meant she was still going to work. I was like SHE'S PREGNANT. And I never met this woman, but she moved out shortly after, and some people with DDR playing kids moved in.

  2. hahahah! I hate neighbors. Not just my neighbors but all neighbors. I had some that would rearrange their furniture every Saturday at 6 am. Needless to say I counted the days till I moved! Thanks for linking up!

  3. We have had those neighbors and it is horrible. Now we are youngest people in our complex. It's nice that we don't have to worry about anything.

  4. I'm still getting used to apartment neighbors :) Our neighbor next door has the deepest laugh of all time and he seems to watch comedies at 2AM every night. Oh the joys of neighbors.

  5. Hahahaha oh my god that's the best story. it's amazing how much you learn about a stranger's life by living below them!

  6. oh my god 6 am every Saturday would be a deal breaker for me too! thanks for hosting!!

  7. part of me wants to go upstairs + ask why we're never invited to the party, whenever I've had parties, we always invited the neighbors just to be polite + let them know we were gonna be a little rowdy. these girls it's every weekend!

  8. oh that would probably creep me out!! thankfully our neighbors to the side aren't loud!

  9. Do they have kids or are they outrageously loud adults? Your thoughts really cracked me up though. I hope this isn't a daily (nightly) occurrence

  10. they're outrageously loud adults. it's a regular occurrence, but it's worse on the weekend. we also think maybe they have a dog...