Thursday Things + September Goals

I've been trying to be better and more accountable with my goals, you know by posting them on the Internet so people can be like Kasey, you said you were going to organize your closet this week but it still looks like all of your dirty laundry is in a pile on the floor. That hasn't happened yet, but it really should because I haven't done any of my laundry.. Let's see how I did on my August goals anyways.

august goals ::
pick three new blogs to sponsor for September  --  oops, looks like I only did two.. but I'll be hanging out on Becca's sidebar in September + Rebekah's in November!!

put my agenda to work – obviously forever a work in progress, I've been doing pretty well.. probably because it's just so damn cute.

run/walk/exercise three days a week – two days is better than no days. I may still have shin splints from all the Athens walking... whooops.

september goals ::
increase followers -- I managed to hit 30 bloglovin' followers without even setting a goal, so I'd like to use the month of September to increase bloglovin' followers, Facebook fans, Twitter, and Instagram followers by 10% -- this goal should come with some kind of plan to gain followers, but I haven't figured that part out yet. 

make more pinable images to strengthen photoshop skills -- I was really proud of my Oliver Wilde quote last week and I'd like to make at least one per month from here on out to strengthen my photoshop skills and boost Pinterest stats.

take more pictures -- when I put together August Through the Lens, I didn't have much to choose from because I slacked on the whole picture taking aspect. Hopefully I'll be getting my new camera sometime this month so I will need to take lots of pictures to learn to use it well and become a semi-decent photographer. Practice makes perfect you know..

blog every weekday in september -- there are plenty of challenges and linkups to help me on days that I have writers block. plus so far I'm 4 for 4. this should also help me with all of my other goals, so how about that!

I'm slowly but surely becoming more ready for fall, with the bonfires and spiked apple cider and Halloween! Also the whole leggings every day, that's going to happen too. Do you have anything you want to accomplish in September?


  1. thanks!! here's hoping I can stick to them!

  2. I'm pretty confident you'll achieve your goals, but only because none of them have to do with laundry.

  3. laundry truly is my biggest obstacle.