Weekly Wishes

Apparently in order to get my laundry done, the first thing I had to do was take it off of my goals list and accept that it wasn't going to happen. I'm not sure what that really says about my type A, goal + list oriented personality though.. Anyways, here are my weekly wishes/goals + super soon updates on September goals!

weekly wishes
limit spending by not going out for dinner // we eat out a lot. I need to curb that for a little while at least so that I can start saving for Europe. My trip is in 111 days which is going to go by so fast. I had a nightmare the other day that my trip was the next day + that I had the amount in the bank available for my trip and I had a meltdown. So my goal is to save at least $50 this week by not going out for dinner as often.

create an editorial calendar for the rest of 2014. // I'm a planner, I haven't been applying that aspect of my personality to my blog and I really should be. I've seen and pinned countless guides to creating and maintaining editorial calendars, I just need to sit down for an hour or so and do it. Maybe I'll knock out a media kit while I'm at it.

get back to applying for jobs // I've kind of settled into my role managing the office and accepted that it's my job and I've kind of let finding a job in sports fall to the back burner. I'm considering attending the Falcons Networking event -- they're calling it a career fair, but I seriously doubt anyone will actually be hiring at the event. I'm burnt out on not knowing if I'll have a job at the end of the season.

september goals -- 
increase followers -- so my inner mathematician is really cute, 10% of 300 is only 3 which is where I already hit that goal on Instagram. I'm not even sure where those new followers came from, I think they want me to follow their band... so I'm modifying this to be 30% which is still a very attainable number. by the way, are you following bloglovin', instagram, twitter, and facebook?

make more pinable images to strengthen photoshop skills -- this is obviously a work in progress, but I did make that image at the top of this post!

take more pictures -- I have been stalking my amazon.com order for my DSLR since I placed it Friday. It still hasn't shipped and I'm ready to break out in hives over it. Just give it amazon, just put it on the truck please.

blog every weekday in september -- six for six!! In case you missed it last week, I compiled three easy steps to help you not be a big fat jerk.

bonus// if you haven't seen it already, Korked Bats put together a gallery of sad Urban Meyer pictures and everything was well.
The Nectar Collective
Make sure you head on over to the Nectar Collective to see what everyone else is hoping to accomplish this week! How happy did the gallery of sad Urban Meyer's make you?


  1. Yay for getting laundry done! The editorial calendar will help you blog consistently a TON.

  2. Great goals! Hope you achieve them!

  3. I approve of your goals! Excited that you'll be blogging every week day in September too, for purely selfish reasons! ;)

  4. I love your goals. So motivating me. I went to one of the networking functions and they weren't hiring, but just a way to "meet" people. Ours wasn't that well received in Phx, but good luck.

  5. I'm a planner too - your comment regarding the editorial calendar made me realize this is something I should consider as well. Good luck with your goals, particularly the job search one (am in the same boat).

  6. I'm excited that you're invested in me blogging every weekday !!

  7. I'm so torn. I'm trying to talk other people into at the very least going to the game!

  8. job hunting is the worst. good luck with yours too!! I'm excited to have a craft project in the editorial calendar goal! haha