Weekly Wishes :: Eight

No, I do not want to talk about that game Saturday or anything else any of my sports teams did this weekend. All I want to do is sit in bed and eat froyo and not talk about how the SEC officials redefined a first down or how the Braves got swept again. I just don't okay? So let's do weekly wishes, see what I did last week, and where I am on this month's goals!
last week’s wishes ::

limit spending by not going out for dinner // success! Well, sort of. I did go out on Tuesday night, but my mom bought my dinner, bonus – I didn’t go out to eat any over the weekend either, so of the $50 I budgeted for the weekend, I still have $35. How about that?

create an editorial calendar for the rest of 2014. // okay so I didn’t finish this, but I started. I also wrote out all of the ideas that I have for the rest of September in my planner. I decided I wanted to make something reusable rather than something that would just cover me for the rest of 2014. So, half win at least!

get back to applying for jobs //  I’ve applied for two this week, and I think I’m going to go to the Falcons thing on Thursday. Even if I don’t find a job, maybe I’ll get in front of the right people. Even if I don’t get in front of the right people, I’ll at least get to go to the Falcons game. So the silver lining has a silver lining..

this week’s wishes ::

use these "teach yourself photography" lessons every day // I want to practice every single day this week to [duh] become a better photographer. I’m going to make sure I get my money’s worth for everything.

continue to limit spending on dining out // maybe I should really sit down + build a better budget, but I’m thinking eating at home more will make my life better. Not that I’ll be bailing on adventures or anything, just less drive through + takeout.

Work out every day this week // no excuses. I’m going to hit that #100byHalloween if my legs fall off in the process. so this is going to happen.

september goals ::

increase followers – I’ve been doing well in all of these! I’ve been slowly but surely increasing followers all around, so if you’re new, welcome! Plus, this month I’m hanging out on Becca + Steph’s side bars! Check that out!

make more pinable images to strengthen photoshop skills – still a work in progress, I did use photoshop to resize + watermark all of my pictures from my fancy new camera!

take more pictures – I am taking pictures of ridiculous things, but it’s so much fun. I’m also toting my camera everywhere. Sorry not sorry for being that person.

blog every weekday in september – hayooooo 11 for 11. How about them apples? oh + not to brag, but thanks to making myself sit down + work on an editorial planner, I have all of this week at least planned if not already half finished. boom

Being able to track the progress of my goals here really keeps me honest. It also helps me visualize my success and honestly it's a nice little ego boost that I normally need on Monday. I'm predicting this to be a great week, I have the Cole Swindell concert tomorrow to look forward to, and you know, pay day on Friday! What are your goals for this week? 

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  1. Wishing you much success with your goals. I have to check out these photo lessons, I need to practice.

  2. thanks! I think I pin 15 new tutorials every day... hopefully one of them sticks!