Okay. I thought that I broke blogger for a solid 24 hours. That was pretty terrifying. I apparently didn't, but you have to let me know if tomorrow's post looks weird or comes out in all HTML or whatever. ANYWAYS. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack for Write or Die Wednesday!

Guys. I don't know if you have noticed or not, but I have a thing for flowers. I love them. I need fresh flowers in my house. All. The. Time. Did you know today's pollen count is 2,256? Yesterday, when I was driving to the gym, the air was yellow. There was so much pollen that THE AIR WAS TOO SATURATED WITH POLLEN TO BE CLEAR. It's okay. BECAUSE FLOWERS.

If you don't already accept the obsession, let's take a quick instagram check.

flowers in my hair? check.
A photo posted by Kasey Decker (@kdsmoove) on
attempting to grow flowers in my apartment, check.
A photo posted by Kasey Decker (@kdsmoove) on
wine, cheese, strawberries, flowers. check.

I even have pens at my desk that are wrapped in florists tape with big fake flowers at the top. I might have a problem. But. But. But. They're just so pretty. I think they make the world so happy. What do you think?
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