The Mid-Twenties Funk.

I have a rather unpopular opinion, according to the things I see on the Internet (you can't put anything that's not true on the Internet.) I think that your mid-twenties are overrated. If one more person tells me that "this is the best time of your life! enjoy it!" I'll probably punch them in the face. (not really. I'll probably just roll my eyes at you. but in my imagination I'll be punching you in the face..) I think the mid-twenties funk is being swept under the rug and that's just not fair. 

I work really hard to be authentic in this space. Which is actually quite difficult lately, because I'm in said mid-twenties funk. (also because today alone I have said "wiser" and "how do I itch it?" so I also apparently need an English language refresher course..) Who wants to read about that lost feeling? That "crap. I'm trapped in this dead end job but I don't know what I want to do with my life anymore. I accomplished my ten year plan in four years, so what now?" 
Then, today, when I couldn't think of anything clever to write, I thought "oh, duh. I want to read about other people with the mid-twenties funk so I don't feel like a complete waste of space" because misery loves company or whatever. I'm not miserable. I'm not failing. I'm just not the happiest camper all the days. It's weird, that lost feeling. It's not like a fun lost in the woods that turns into an adventure or a wrong turn on a road trip that leads you to the coolest dive bar with killer outdoor seating. 

I'm in a place where I need something to light that fire. I need a new challenge. A new puzzle to solve. Or to win the lottery. I think I could stand to win the lottery. Don't feed me some garbage about how money can't buy happiness (but how poor is a rich man who lives all alone?). Show me a twenty something with student loans + credit card bills who says they wouldn't be happier if they didn't have to pay those + I'll show you a liar liar pants on fire. It's not as cool as a mid-life crisis, because you're barely breaking even on those payments so you can't go buy a fancy sports car or something ridiculous to make you feel like a fun person again. 

So hey. Guys. You're not alone in this mid-twenties funk. I don't know how we're going to kick it, but it's going to happen. We'll figure it out together. We can do this. If you ever need to talk about it, you can totally talk to me, because I'm right there with you. 

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