Guys. Today is a great day. It's supposed to be 85 degrees, I'm wearing a shirt that says "mermaids have more fun" + my horrorscope today says:
 "You might think about spontaneously purchasing an airline ticket to satiate your craving for adventure now that the Moon is camping out in your 9th House of Journeys. But this wanderlust is not simply about getting out of town; you have a powerful longing to experience something outside of your current reality. Your ability to create a fantasy to your liking works in your favor today. It doesn't matter if you can't take time off to go on a wild safari or a shopping excursion in Milan; you can travel to the distant edges of the cosmos and back without ever having to leave home." 
so obviously today is a Fri-YAY. also am I the only one who calls it a "horror-scope" or....? Anyways. Since I have had a week's worth of a writers rut, Melissa totally helped me out with today's post. Here's what I've been pinning lately!!
  1. Helene's Instagram Challenge -- even though I cheated yesterday + it was only the second day..
  2. These free brushed fonts from He & I 
  3. Planning that next trip to Europe around beer seems like a good idea to me....
  4. I love the Free People blog + their Monday quotes
  5. TASTY FRENCH FRIES THANKS TO MICHELLE #whateverImgettingcheesefries
  6. I really need these fancy arrowhead necklaces. all of them
ALSO. IF YOU'RE NOT FOLLOWING ME ON THE TWITTER (hey ps why not? it's a party!) I discovered this yesterday + died. 

HOW CUTE IS JT WHEN GARTH ACTUALLY COMES OUT? DID YOU SING THE THIRD VERSE? fun fact: I've been known to harass sass people who cover that song live + don't sing the third verse.... What's up with you guys? Are you as ready for the weekend as I am? 

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