Oh Heeeeey Monday

First of all. I watched that episode of Grey's yesterday. Even with the social media spoilers, I was not prepared at all. Like. SHONDA. Come on. Like. I knew it was going to happen, but that didn't stop me from ugly crying on the sofa in the middle of the day over a TV program. So. Since I'm still reeling from that + the events of last week, I thought I would share some fun internet things! First of all, SATURDAY Jen, her manly friend, and I went TO SPACE JAM NIGHT with the Charleston Riverdogs. We did not get the Bill Murray jerseys though. 
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First of all. I am a lover of all things flower related. ESPECIALLY the ones you can wear in your hair. I've seen the pinterest DIY's + failed miserably at them. BUT. I have recently seen two tutorials I know I can do + make them look pretty. First, Michelle's Reign inspired flower crown is SO pretty. THEN TODAY Helen made this adorable mermaid like one. So, I'm making a flower crown this week. It's happening.
Up next, I found this on pinterest while trying to decide how to do my hair for a job interview. (side note, guys have it so easy. wake up, hair already done.) So obviously I made my parents watch Kimmy Schmidt after finding it, because then I had an excuse to watch them all again! hasbrown no filter.
LAST but not least, did you catch this? I have been known to spend hours on solid reddit threads, you just kind of get lost in the theories. BUT THIS IS A HARRY POTTER ONE that might explain why the Durselys were so terrible.

So there you go, Monday! I hope you're coffee is strong + your workday is surprisingly short. What's new with everyone?

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