Don't Think Meat, It's Bad For The Ballclub

GUYS IT'S HERE IT'S REALLY HERE IT'S TIME! Okay. so really fast the boring rules + stuff...


  • write about baseball on the third Thursday of every month this season. if you're stumped, check out our prompts. if you're not stumped, we wanna read what you have too! 
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  • have a cold beer.
okay, that last step is optional, but I mean, I'm gonna do it. SO. Here are our suggestions (I use 'our' lightly, they're 100% Allison's idea.. lalalalaaa)
  • April 16th : pick your pretend fantasy team! 
    • Only pick players who are currently on a major league roster
    • Choose 8 players for your starting lineup, 5 starting pitchers, and 2-3 relievers??
    • I believe there should be a constitutional amendment against the Designated Hitter (name that movie for bonus points..) so just don't draft them. or lose points at a position. #sorryboutcha AL.
    • the rules are made up + the points don't matter
  • May 21st : favorite ballpark(s)? Why? 
  • June 18th : All-Star picks and predictions 
  • July 16th : best promotions and theme nights, or what promos/themes would you plan for your team?
  • August 20th : if I was commissioner...
  • September 17th : favorite baseball books + movies (I can't promise I'll like you more if you pick Casey at the Bat..... but I can't promise you I won't.....)
  • October 15th : recap your fantasy team, share favorite moments, season highlights, fun stories, update your World Series Predictions. 
OKAY. now that thaaat is out of the way. Are you ready for my fantasy team? Obviously I picked them after my fair share of wine while watching Friends (because the Braves game today is already over....) SO. HERE we go. In, you know, opening day position order. (you know, pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, third base, short stop, etc.)

Starting Pitcher: Clayton Kershaw. Because, he can throw the ball pretty hard, he's adorable, and pretty good at ping pong...
Catcher: Yadier Molina. Because Javy Lopez + Crash Davis weren't options, plus he's not even going to let the mascot steal second. We'll just pretend he doesn't play for the Cardinals. ugh.
First Base: Freddie Freeman. For his dance moves, hugs, + ability to do the splits.
I have used + reused this .gif so many times, I really don't know who made it + I am sorry.
Second Base: Dustin Pedrioa the Destroyah. Because that nickname. Also they call him laser show. Also he's adorable. And really good at second base. And five foot nothing. Did I mention adorable? Plus he can hit that high inside fastball.
Third Base: David Wright. Because he always hits well against the Braves, he's good on the hot corner, + when he's focusing he sticks his tongue out...
Short Stop: Andrelton Simmons. Because in my imaginary ballpark we will 100% have Simba Cam ; plus, nothing gets by him out there.
I took this from google images. I'm sure it belongs to someone, if it's you, let me know! 
Left Field: Giancarlo Stanton. Because of this:
Center Field: Mike Trout, because he's adorable + pretty good at simon says. Plus I like that he stays out of trouble. Did I mention he's good at simon says?
Right Field: Nelson Cruz, because people like to call him Nelly + also he's pretty good at hitting the ball. 
Closing Pitcher: Craig Kimbrel, because I miss him + we won't ever see this again.

Three Other Pitchers: Big Time Timmy Jim ; Jason Grilli ; Trevor Bauer because of this.

That's it!!! That's my team. I am zero parts sorry for picking more than one player because he was adorable. I'm not going to keep up with them if I don't have something worth watching. I also love to watch all of these guys play. So there's that. SO who ya got? Link up here!!!

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