A Little Monday Motivation

OH HEY MONDAY. Sometimes, sometimes y'all I feel bad for Monday. Why does Monday catch such a bad rap? (wrap? huh. they both look right....) I am probably the most productive on Monday mornings, to be honest. I think it's because everyone is so down on Monday that we already set the bar for being a person pretty low, which makes it pretty easy to knock it out of the park. Right? Anyways, in case SOMEBODY has a case of the Mondays, I have some motivational stuff for you!

Let's get this started off with a little humblebrag huh? Helene picked one of MY PICTURES for her Instagram highlight Saturday. I did a little bit of a celebratory dance, so come at me. Its the little things in life you guys. 
A photo posted by Kasey Decker (@kdsmoove) on
UP NEXT. I learned the best trick in the entire world. I am not taking any credit for this. I just can't remember what blog I read it on at the moment. BUT THERE IS A "RECIPE" FOR MAKING INSTAGRAM PICTURES SHOW UP AS NATIVE PICTURES IN THE TWITTER. I swore I pinned the article after I did the signing up + such. ANYWAYS. You just create an account at If This, Then That + use THIS RECIPE. THEN when you Instagram a picture, you don't send it to twitter, the app automatically does it for you. HOW. COOL. IS. THAT? See below:
HOW COOL IS THAT!? Okay. Now, while I'm in mostly all caps, LET ME REMIND YOU ABOUT THURSDAY'S BIG ANNOUNCEMENT -- this coming Thursday is the first of our 7th Inning Stretch Linkup + we can't wait to see everyone!! What is getting you pumped this manic Monday?

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