Scaly Slimy Spectacular

OKAY SO GUYS. My mom works for a company that does cash register + inventory software, SO WE GOT TO GO TO ZOO ATLANTA. We got a sneak peek of the Scaly Slimy Spectacular! Okay. It was way too cool. I completely recommend it. You should go. I'll go with you. I love the zoo! (if that doesn't make it clear, I'm just excited + I didn't get anything to write this, but I am totally up for Zoo perks.)
I walked up to this guy + he looked right at my camera. Posing. He wanted his picture made, obviously.
They have this new video game where you answer trivia questions + build your own super reptile like pokemon. It's adorable + obviously fun for all ages, since my mom didn't want to leave until she finished her reptile. SPEAKING OF my mom. 
This anaconda was trying to escape. He was ready to get out of there, all Harry Potter style. Like everyone kept checking to make sure he didn't have a way out. Also he was standing like six feet off the ground. obviously, he wasn't too worried about buns, hun.
They also have these super cool new thing where it's a tablet + you can pick the exhibit you're looking at + learn all of the facts. Maybe I'm a super nerd, because I was totally enthralled. I just really dig learning. So, there's that. 
They weren't there yet, BUT THERE ARE GOING TO BE ALLIGATORS! I think they're pretty cool. PLUS THE GIANT TURTLES are getting a new place to hang.  Guys. This exhibit is way better than the old reptile room. My next mission is to meet an elephant. I'll keep you guys up to date on how that process is going. Have you been to the zoo lately?!

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