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I guess I haven't explained why I call my sponsors my outfield wall. Let's be honest.  I thought I was clever, you know like at a baseball stadium they sell ads out on the outfield walls. ANYWAYS. These two megababes are the real rock stars, they are two of my VERY FIRST sponsors EVER. Also. I have to be the most honest -- I sponsored a bunch of really fantastic bloggers + used my experience to build my sponsorship program + hands down my favorite in-post feature was with Nina over at Flowers in My Hair. So I definitely got all inspiration for this post from her!

1. Hi I'm Kati Rose from Constantly Seeking Wonder! My blog is a place where I stay connected and appreciate things such as music, entertainment, art, travel, and more. Sometimes I've even learned to talk about my life from time to time too. I guess readers enjoy that or something? (That was sarcasm, I use that a lot too.)
2. My wildest dream came true in 2014 when I was selected to attend The GRAMMYs. I got to do everything from attending the exclusive parties to walking the red carpet. It still doesn't feel real. Pinch me.
3. Being such a music nerd, if I had a travel show (because I've got the wanderlust bug bad too) I would feature all the interesting sites around the world that are related to music. I could start in my home state of Minnesota with Bob Dylan, Prince, and even Nirvana history.
 4. I'm a bit of a free spirit. One of my loves is Penny Lane from the movie Almost Famous. If I had to pick a cultural piece that impacted me, it would have to be this movie. It taught me about life, love, and following my passions. Plus, it made me realize there were other kindred people that got just as excited about music as I did.
5. I think guilty pleasures are dumb. If you love something, do it wholeheartedly. Who is anyone to judge what I enjoy? This would be why I traveled across the country to see a band many would turn up their noses at. Guess what - I had the time of my life doing it too.
6. People call me the queen of playlists. If you want a selection of perfectly curated tunes for a specific moment or purpose, chances are I've got you covered. My favorite one of late was my ode to spring because who doesn't enjoy listening to music that makes you feel like sunshine and happiness? 7. I love to travel and explore new places. Everyday it seems like my list is growing. One of the perks of my current life situation is that I've been able to do that extensively, but even better I've gotten to treat my family to trips too. Recently I took my cousin on his first plane ride and realized there were 10 tips to help anxious flyers that really worked well.
8. When I can't explore new cities, I like to get find adventures in my own state. Constantly seeking wonder and all that yeah? Sometimes it's the ordinary in snowcapped Duluth and Lake Superior and other times it's admiring the beautiful and the sad in a once acclaimed but now abandoned decaying asylum.
9. Yes, that is One Direction. If you didn't catch it above I love them dearly and I'm not ashamed. Chances are I'll bring them up at least once a month. The boys are one of the musical acts I've been lucky to work on my concert photography with. One Direction aren't the only celebrities I enjoy talking about though. I ponder the ins and outs of the entertainment world in unique and often controversial ways. My favorite post to date? The Cult of Celebrity and Why Group Think is Scary. <--- I'm still surprised the Beygency hasn't come after me for that one.
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One.  I'm Meagan, and I blog over at All the Joys, where I write about all kinds of things - family, friends, travel, and fun.

Two.  Charlie is my first baby and loves to have his picture taken.  He will pose forever to get the right shot!

Three.  I am proudly from Iowa and my husband is Iowa-famous.

Four.  I have two girls, "E" and "A".  They are my pride and joy. 

Five.  My husband and I have been married for almost eight, mostly magical years.

Six.  I love to travel!  We recently had an adults-only trip to the Virgin Islands, and I'm working on a series about my time studying abroad in Japan.

Seven.  I sometimes write about my girls, but you will never see pictures of their faces.

Eight.  Tim Riggins is my ultimate celebrity crush.  He beats out all of my other celebrity crushes.  #TexasForever.

Nine.  I have been known to enjoy a few cocktailsThis is a delicious summer drink everyone should try at least once!

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Go check this ladies out! It's totally worth your time, I swear. ALSO wanna join these ladies in the ranks of "my favorite people in the whole world" feel free to check out the sponsorship options heeeeeeeeere

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