I Have A Few Questions...

Okay, so I've been catching up on my tv + I have some serious questions for everyone involved. First of all, let's start with Elementary (you know because that's what I am currently watching

HOW does no one connect that there is a man, from London, named SHERLOCK HOLMES working + living with one Doctor Watson. How how does no one put that together? Is this a present day NYC where everything is the same save the Sherlock Holmes novels were never written?
Grey's Anatomy:
WHY does anyone want to work at this hospital where like, every possible bad thing happens? How was Christina the only one smart enough to get out of what is like a modern day hellmouth? Also, why do SO MANY bad things happen in Seattle? Are there not any other hospitals out there?
Pretty Little Liars:
WHAT THE HELL ARE ALL OF THE ADULTS DOING IN ROSEWOOD? Seriously. I mean I have other questions, but that's really the biggest one. THEY GET KIDNAPPED FROM JAIL. how HOW?
How I Met Your Mother:
Okay, I binge on this on Netflix to fall asleep. First of all, why does Ted tell his kids about his one night stands but won't talk about marijuana? Why did they have to ruin it with that last season? Will I ever get over that? How do they afford those apartments? DAMNIT TRUDY WHAT ABOUT THE PINEAPPLE?!
SHONDA. Why you gotta be that way? (that's all I'm gonna say because hashtag no spoilers.)
Okay. I just realized I have way more questions. So this is just going to have to be a multi-part thing. Gotta keep ya coming back for more, right? Do you have the answers to any of these?!

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