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TODAY I managed to turn my smart alarm off instead of snoozing it (so halfway conscious Kasey is a wunderkind.) I also managed to save the morning by grabbing the last Poptart. So now we're pretty even, Wednesday. SO I figured since I didn't actually schedule a post today, I'd join Lauren + Lauren for a confessional #HashtagHumpday.
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
OKAY THE NEW INSTAGRAM UPDATE. #sorryno I don't care enough about hashtagging emojis for the interface to look so much like Tinder. I mean, I'm not tindering, I'm stalking pretty pictures on Instagram. Also hashtagged emojis are weird. 
I'm applying for forty gazillion jobs, just for my good health right? I keep finding awesome job descriptions, then when I click on it it's all "OKAY GIVE US YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER SO WE CAN SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION!" WHAT. How is that okay? I need a job to make money, why should I have to spend money to apply? If I just had the cash flow of Bruce Wayne, do you think I'd be spending hours tweaking my resume + updating my LinkedIn? #NOPE. 
I have been having nightmares about Derek Shepherd. So apparently I'm not over that one yet. Like I really don't know if I'll make it through this week's episode. I really thought Meredith was going to have a good, nice, happy ending. Is this the last season? #tearsofgreys #BUTSHONDAWHY
Okay also I #cantstopwontstop jamming to this one. PLUS HOW CUTE IS THIS VIDEO?

How's your humpday going? 

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