Earth Day!

Hey, if you expected anything other than an Earth Day post from your friendly, should have lived in the 60's, flower child, then you haven't been paying attention. Let's start with Jared Leto telling us what kind of animal he'd be according to the google doodle today.

You should totally take the quiz too. Aren't you glad I have so many productive things for you to do? Turns out I'm a pangolin + practical knowing when to curl up? Now. If Jared Leto can't convince you that the earth is the best, here are a bunch of adorable animal bffs.
I originally meant for this to be longer, but I just keep watching the friends furever + singing about Robin Hood + Little John. So, I'm going to accept defeat + go outside to instagram some flowers. What are you doing to make Mother Earth a better place today? I bet it's a really good day to go to the zoo!
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