Thursday Things

Still struggling with what day of the week it is over here -- not really sure why. HOWEVER it's almost the weekend and I have minimal work to do this weekend and ZERO GAMES which is the best. So here are the Thursday Things I'm digging this week ::

Tommy La Stella getting the call last night :: the Braves may be doing pretty dismally against the Red Sox [who lost 10 games in a row going into this series -- so maybe they have a bigger fire under their rear ends to get it together..] but I am so pumped that Tommy La Stella got his first MLB start last night + did pretty well. Remember when I wrote about him as a reason you should still be excited about Spring Training? Yeah. I'm pretty excited he got the call. Bummed Simmons is hurt, but hoping they keep La Stella on the roster..

summer bucket lists :: they're popping up all over and I think I'll just have to make my own this weekend... I'm definitely putting the beach, lake, and river on there [seems like I have a thing for bodies of water..]

whiskey in my water :: so I'm generally behind on new music because of the whole never listening to the radio thing -- so maybe everyone already loves it as much as I do -- but I'm totally digging it right meow.

bonus :: Thursday Things I don't dig this week ::

flat tires :: how is it possible that I've picked up yet another nail in the same tire I had plugged and patched and then rotated? how does that happen? 

braves losing :: I can't watch on tv anymore -- superstitious -- but they've lost every game I've watched on tv this season. every. single. one. I'm 1-1 in real life games though. So that's still okay I guess. 

rain :: whenever the team is on the road it always rains. how am I supposed to get tan and float the river if it's raining and in the mid-seventies? come on mother nature. let's get it together. 

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