Humpday Confessions :: One!

As a rule -- I generally don't know what day of the week it is. So when I opened up my bloglovin' feed + saw all of the Humpday Confession posts -- I was reminded that GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS? Also we have a day game today so I'm about 98.99% coffee and 1.01% human being. So heeeeeeeere we go!

Vodka and Soda
instagram confession :: it gives me some seriously [ridiculous] anxiety when instagram lists who all has liked your post -- you know it doesn't change to numbers until 11 -- so if I have 10 likes on a photo -- I'll like it myself until someone else does just so that it has that number rather than 10 usernames..

on ignoring text messages :: I have "read receipts" on my iMessage so you know if I'm purposefully ignoring you -- I realize that sounds passive aggressive -- but sometimes I'm at work/driving/doing anything but being attached to my phone + I don't check my phone so if it doesn't say I've read it -- 83% of the time I haven't. HOWEVER sometimes when I'm having a conversation I don't know how to respond to on my own -- I'll read the preview of the message in the notification center + ask a minimum of three people how I'm supposed to respond to shit.

on how long it actually took me to write this post :: all day. literally all day. I started it, went to the ballpark, worked a game, came back home, ate dinner, drank a couple beers, thought about more confessions. so there's that.


on the outcome of that most recent job situation :: I'm doing better now. I was pretty devastated at first. I thought I had it, I thought I was going to live at the BEACH . I thought I was going to have a salary and all kinds of new things to blog about -- but now I'm pretty much over it. I'm moving back to Buckhead [hashtag buckhead betty y'all] and I'm going to find something ten times better with all of my friends in the big city of Atlanta.

on how many of my #BIKINISERIES miles I do a day :: I round up. If I do 2.7 -- I will probably write down three. If I get over .6 I round up. If I get to .4 I qualify it as .5 and you know what? I'm not even a little bit sorry.


  1. Omg read receipts?? I didnt know there was such a thing hahah! Thats funny that you can see if they read it. Talk about caught red handed! haha


  2. I'm the same way when it comes to Instagram, I always cross my finger for that 11th like.
    I forgot all about the "read receipt" ha ha!