Fan Friday :: My First Braves Game as a Fan

As I've mentioned before, I was a trainee with the Atlanta Braves last season. This post is overdue because this game was like a month ago... ANYWAYS. I went to one of the first games of the season as a fan and it was a strange but incredible experience.
not sorry for using a snapchat picture.
At first -- I just wanted to cry. I haven't been back to Turner Field since my last day of work -- so pulling in the parking lot brought back all sorts of memories. Then I remembered I had to pay to park. Obviously we were there forever early, I think gates had literally just opened. So I ran into plenty of old coworkers who were all so excited to see me [obviously I was excited to see them too]. Seeing all of those familiar faces also tugged the heartstrings. I'm glad I didn't make it back into the office -- I would have probably lost it.
Then I realized the absolute best part of the whole "being a fan + not at work" situation was that I could enjoy a couple of Sweetwaters, watch the game, sass the umpires and players, and not have to worry about a single thing. I haven't enjoyed a baseball game in I don't know how long. Obviously I had people coming to sit with me and catch up at all parts of the game, I caught up on the gossip, and bought a 5050 raffle ticket. Took some bad iphone pictures...
I wouldn't trade my experience as a trainee for anything, I wish I was still going into Turner Field every day for work, but I definitely enjoyed being a fan again. Sadly, I didn't win the 5050 raffle, but that will not be my last Braves game as a fan this year by any stretch of imagination. Maybe next time I'll hang out in the Chophouse + take some better pictures. Until next time though! 
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  1. Bad iphone pictures?! I think they are pretty freaking sweet iPhone pictures! Love me braves baseball!! And getting to the game forever early is the best, in my opinion... I love love love batting practice!