Thursday Things!!

First of all -- my Rocket + Lace vest came in and I have literally been making excuses to wear it I love it so much. So obviously, first and foremost on my things I love this week has to be my Rocket + Lace be the strange vest.
fans who are genuinely surprised when an artist does an encore at a concert :: last Thursday I went to see Florida Georgia Line + Jason Aldean [side note -- first time ever having seats at Lakewood -- even though we didn't sit down once..] and there were people there who absolutely lost it when he came back out to do She's Country -- maybe I've been going to concerts so long that I have just come to expect it -- but I never leave after the set "ends" -- especially if the artist hasn't performed one of their biggest hits. It definitely made me happy that those fans were so happy.
Jason Aldean at the end of his surprise encore
the skimm :: I already get most of my news from Twitter because I can't sit and watch the news for too long. sometimes I enjoy the Today Show while I drink my coffee -- but usually I miss the big picture because I'm not keeping up with CNN. The Skimm condenses all of the daily big stories into one daily e-mail. Not only do they summarize big stories and provide the links to them, they summarize them in ways that makes them easier to understand in one or two sentences. I hate when I have to read a news article twice or more and watch the accompanying video to really understand the story -- so I definitely appreciate The Skimm and I think you will too!

the daily balloon on Instagram ::  if you love balloons and daily reasons to smile -- you'll love this one. They put daily motivations on balloons and they're just great -- okay? check it out :: 
That's it for this week's Thursday Things! What are you loving this week? 

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