Surprise Birthday Fiesta Success

Now that we've [almost] dried out from Saturday and are starting to collect all of the beer -- I feel like I should recap our outstanding surprise party we put together for my dad. He had no idea -- so we definitely pulled it off! Obviously with his birthday being so close to Cinco de Mayo [his actual birthday is tomorrow -- but who wants to do stuff on a Tuesday?] we choose a fiesta theme! We also incorporated "schfifty five" like I mentioned in Saturday's playlist post.
One of my our party guests brought an adult piƱata -- it was filled with airplane bottles, chocolates, and all sorts of other goodies. Somehow I was in a different part of the house when we decided to bust it open -- so I didn't manage to get pictures from that. We did enjoy the bounty..
The number one thing we did was to rent a frozen margarita machine. We have so much left over beer because the margaritas were such a hit. No ice required, just tequila, mix, + triple sec. It was the best because we had frozen margaritas all night + no need for a bartender. When I grow up -- I will have one of these machines in my house. 
The weather was superb, dad was completely surprised, and a good time was had by all. I do believe it will be my last surprise party for a while -- my stepmom + I both were having nightmares leading up to it. I kept thinking the margarita machine would get here early or that dad would find all of the stuff we had hidden around the house. 

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