Bikini Series -- Week One

Last week I mentioned that I was starting the Tone It Up Bikini Series + that I would be checking in every Wednesday to talk about my progress. Here's where we are progress wise! First of all, yesterday I did a 4 mile nature hike with my dad -- I thought I was doing great because I was making up for not doing any miles over the weekend and being one week in I was already at 15 miles!

Then I shared my nature hike picture on Instagram only to discover that other people were already over 30 miles. WHAT? How are you already there? Then I did some math and realized that they're just going to hit 150 early -- I'm not too far behind. I'll get three or four miles in today and be right back on track to order my water bottle next week! As far as clean eating goes -- I definitely cheated over the weekend and continue to because we have so much left over food. Yesterday was a clean eating day until beer with dinner though -- so I feel incredible today!

So even though I have been slacking a little -- I plan to hike to the House o' Dreams at Berry College this weekend which is close to 6 miles and definitely not an easy-peasy hike! 

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