Summer Reading Challenge

I just finished The Lincoln Deception + then was lucky enough to stumble on this Summer Reading Challenge! So here is my 'preliminary' reading list -- as everyone is calling it. I will be hitting up my library to find these titles + more for this summer! I also plan on re-reading the entire Harry Potter series this summer. So here goes...
freebie :: Teatime for Firefly -- I decided this one while trying to pick something from the NYT Best Sellers list.. it also falls into historical fiction not set in Europe.  Obviously I'm bad at making decisions. -- review here!
written before I was born :: The Sun Also Rises -- I love Hemmingway + I haven't read this one yet -- so it was a little bit of an obvious choice.
a book I couldn't finish the first time :: I can't remember ever not finishing a book? so this is tbd..
a book from the children's section :: Looking for Alaska -- since the last John Green book I read completely captivated me + broke my heart -- I might as well go for another one!
a book on the NYT best seller's list :: Where'd You Go Bernadette?  -- I have heard great reviews about this from a close friend who said I'd love it + he's usually right about these things -- so obviously I'm pumped about this one. -- review here!
historical fiction that doesn't take place in Europe :: I Shall be Near to You  -- I love a woman who goes "oh yeah? watch this!" when told she can't do something [like be a Union soldier in the American Civil War] because she's a woman. 
a book another blogger has read for the challenge :: obviously tbd -- but I'm pretty excited about it.
a book with "son"/"daughter"/"child" in the title :: The Kingmaker's Daughter -- I loved The Other Boleyn Girl + this promises to deserve similar praise. Obviously historical fiction is a favorite of mine..
a book that will be adapted to film in 2014 :: The Monuments Men -- I think this is cheating a little bit -- because I think this movie might have come out at the end of 2013...
a book written by a blogger :: any suggestions? I'll have to check out the library + see if they have a "books by bloggers" section...
biography/autobiography/memoir :: The Girls of Atomic City -- Again with history -- but I also love learning about strong women in American history. Rosie the Riveter + the AAGPBL should be in this one -- I'm pumped. 
a pair of books with antonyms in the titles :: Last to Die + The First Wives Club -- first is a Rizzoli + Isles book -- I love the tv show + I hope I'll feel the same way about the books.. second is super funny + light so it fits in well to contrast almost all of the other books on here.

I'll [probably] be writing book reviews on all of these after I finish them to cover "checking-in" on my progress.

Do you have any suggestions I should add to my summertime reading list?

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