A Surprise Party Playlist

My father has been complaining that no one has ever thrown him a surprise party since we went to one for my aunt before Christmas. Little does he know -- we're throwing him one today. He thinks he's planned a dinner party with a couple of friends [and even told me I should find something else to do outside of the house tonight!] and has no idea that those friends are actually in on it too. He'll be off to the gun show [yes. the gun show.] any minute now, my stepmom and I will pour ourselves some mimosas then turn this place into a fiesta!

so I've put together a playlist of jams that will do for the grown ups + not so grown ups [it is a 21 + up party.. but I'm far from a grownup..] coming over to celebrate 55 years of my dad!
schfifty five :: this song is the theme of the party -- one of my cousins entertained us with this forever ago + my dad still says "whachu saaay?" all the time. Obviously it had to be the first on this list too.

get back -- the beatles :: according to billboard the song at #1 on the charts when dad was born was that age of aquarius song -- but this one came into the #1 spot after May + I like it better...

midnight rider -- the allman brothers ::  my dad loves the Allman Brothers. Every time they're on the radio he tells me about how that one album was called Eat A Peach because one of them died in a motorcycle wreck with a peach truck. [such a Georgia way to die too man.]

There are so many more kickass rock jams on this playlist -- so check it out! These songs are fun for all ages -- because some things never go out of style. Now I have to get back to making sure everything is set up before he gets back from the gun show...

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