Fan Friday :: On My Obsession with Dave Matthews.

I have been in love with the Dave Matthews Band since I was in about the fourth grade. I remember listening to him in the car with all of the adults that used to tote us around -- singing along to crash into me not knowing what he meant by "hike up your skirt a little more, show your world to me" [sidenote -- I don't know about you, but as kids we sang along to some wildly inappropriate songs as kids..]  Dave has always been about summertime for me. There's nothing better than rolling all the windows down in the car + just blasting any + all of his jams [thanks spotify premium!]

Last weekend I saw him at Lakewood for the umpteenth time. That's an exaggeration. I have missed him a lot of times because he always seems to be playing at the same time as whatever team I've been working for has been at home, this year wasn't any different but I made it happen anyways. Like I said -- my obsession with DMB.

I mentioned in my Thursday Things last week that I love the lawn at Lakewood for the purpose that no one gets in your space -- so obviously some outrageously drunk teenagers had to prove me wrong. That's also an exaggeration. They were probably in their twenties but were acting like teenagers + that's just as bad. Yes -- this show was sold out -- but was there a reason for them to sit so close to us one of them kept touching my leg? oh absolutely not. They also kept trying to start the tomahawk chop which I also take issue with -- we're not at the Braves game -- don't be that guy.

Obnoxious drunk teenagers aside, I could not have asked for more show-wise. It was "a very special evening" because there wasn't an opening act -- just an acoustic set followed by a full set. This started us thinking -- what's the difference between an acoustic Dave set + a full one? Answer :: drums, bass guitar, + a light show. Since the tour isn't promoting any specific album -- he played all of his big hits + it was highly entertaining. Again, there were the fans genuinely surprised he did an encore + they're just the best...

Linking up with Sarah + Whitney today! Happy happy Friday everyone!!

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  1. Ugh! I'm so jealous of you and everyone else who went! Guam never has anything epic like that. Well, we do - Sublime is playing this coming weekend, actually - but I won't be able to go on account of my son's 5th birthday party. Damn kids. Hahaha.