Summer 2014 Bucket List

These are all over the place now -- so obviously I had to make my own so I didn't feel left out..
  • make it to the damn beach -- any beach -- at least once before October.
  • float the Chattahoochee River.
  • successfully make a pair of cutoff shorts.
  • re-read the entire Harry Potter series + complete my summer reading challenge
  • unplug for an entire weekend.
  • buy one of those ridiculous waterproof disposable cameras + take ridiculous underwater pictures.
  • canoe or that stand up paddle board thing OR BOTH! probably both...
  • day trip to Little River Canyon
  • weekend trip to at least one new MLB ballpark + MiLB ballpark. 
  • master the mermaid hair.
  • try three new local breweries 
  • make it to at least four outdoor food + booze festivals.
  • all of the things on this list too..
  • blog about it all! [yeah I know that's cheating -- whatevs] 
Even though that last one is cheating -- I'm considering it a challenge to accomplish all of them by the end of September. I know that technically Labor Day is the end of summer -- but since it doesn't get cold here until October or November -- I'm considering it a part of summer.

little brother apparently not having as much lake fun as me + our photobomber

I did manage to make it to the lake for the first time of what I'm sure will be many -- swam to the boat without spilling my beer, busted my rear end trying to get out of the lake without spilling my beer, and went down the water slide from the top of the boat with all of the other children! Sunday was definitely a Sunday Funday to remember full of Cards of Humanity, bottomless mimosas at the rooftop bar, and a trip to Sweetwater!

What's on your summer bucket list? 

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  1. What a great list! I should do one too...but mine wouldn't be as exciting since we're surrounded by ocean so beach days are easy to come by.