Unpopular Opinions on Bandwagon Fans

I've been a Braves fan my entire life. Growing up we had plenty of bandwagon fans because we won all the time [I also kind of thought that the Braves just got to go to the NLDS every year + that the National Anthem ended with "home of the Braves"]. I have an unconventional opinion on bandwagon fans and here's why.
this picture has nothing to do with bandwagon fans & everything to do with the babes I watched the World Cup with this weekend.
If your team has bandwagon fans -- that means they're doing something well. They're either winning all the time or signing those big name stars. It means their revenue is going up, the value of the team is increasing. In that case, I think everyone should want to have bandwagon fans. Plus, it's really not their fault for being late to the party. Not everyone can be as savvy when it comes to picking their sports teams. It's like getting upset when a band you listened to when they were nobody makes it big.

Maybe I have this opinion since technically I'm a bandwagon Blackhawks fan and also a bandwagon soccer fan. I lost my hockey team, Atlanta apparently can't hold on to one. So I decided I would cheer for a team that most likely wasn't going anywhere for a while. I don't have a soccer team, I don't really watch it when it's not the World Cup, but I really do appreciate the sport. It's so much more exciting when a goal is scored than basketball, it requires a substantial level of athleticism to play, and the die-hard fans are so passionate that you can't help but love the sport.

This past weekend I completed the first of my summer bucket list items  -- we watched the England vs. Italy match on Saturday at Fado Irish Pub -- which I'm already a fan of because of their rooftop patio, bottomless mimosas, + rockin' menu. Plus I can always order a Smithwick's there. I've been in playoff baseball situations -- but that's nothing compared to the passion these fans had. It made me want to move to Europe. I don't even think I could describe it if I tried. I also didn't feel like the group of guys we watched the match with hated bandwagon fans or those of us who "watch it wrong" or those of us who call it soccer. Obviously I was too wrapped up in the experience to take any pictures...

I absolutely suggest watching your next World Cup match at a bar where everyone else is watching the World Cup. It's definitely an experience like no other. Just be prepared to have beer spilled on you in celebration and to get sucked into the match like everyone else! Also, if you're watching at Fado, make sure to get the wedges + cheese dip.

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  1. As a non-sports fan, I guess the only kind of "fan" I can really be is a bandwagon one. Like when the Seahawks went to the Superbowl, I obviously had to be a fan since I'm a Seattleite. ;) I think if you enjoy the sport and a team you like is doing well, hopping on the bandwagon isn't terrible!