Thursday Things :: Disney

Last night on my drive home from trivia I stopped for what I thought was a stray cat, but turned out to be a raccoon. I swear for a good minute I considered seeing if he would me my friend + decided he did look an awful lot like Meeko. Obviously I came to my senses before I tried to take him home with me..

So since it's Thursday -- here are some Disney things!

First of all -- Drunk Disney :: If you're not watching the Practical Folks do their Drunk Disney series -- you really should be. I'm genuinely disappointed that I didn't come up with this idea. Just watch it -- Alice in Wonderland is their most recent. 

Disney Ladies From Last Night :: I'm generally a fan of anything that takes screen caps + pairs them with a solid TFLN [[ see also Texts From The Brownstone, Criminal Minds TFLN, etc.]] mostly because it's really clever situation humor.
THE DISNEY SELECTION ON NETFLIX! :: So, my TV supposedly has like three video inputs -- right? Well apparently there's only one video input [[ maybe that's why it was on sale..]] so if I want to switch from DVDs to VHS I have to get back there and unplug. Makes me less likely to switch back and forth because it always takes twenty minutes to get everything plugged in correctly. THEN I discovered that Netflix will stream a fair amount of Disney movies via my ChromeCast + I don't even have to get up to change it. Related :: all of my suggestions on Netflix are children's movies....

Do you have any Disney favorites I missed?

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  1. It's so funny I came across this post today because this morning I read an article on Buzzfeed called something like, 31 Facts About Disney Princesses. You should check it out! :)