I'm So Cute..

My roommate is the reason I say this so much. I absolutely picked it up from her. Whenever I do something rather dumb [or if someone else does something rather dumb] my immediate response is "I'm so cute" or "you're so cute" as in -- "it's a good thing you're cute because girl, that was dumb." Here is part of an ever growing list of reasons why it's a good thing I'm cute ::
  • saying things out loud that I should have just kept in my head // most recently: Tuesday night at work while eating dinner "I wonder what makes curly fries curly, do you think it's a special kind of potato? oh no -- did I say that out loud?"  
    fact :: the source of this image according to google search is a Xanga that's no longer active. apparently references from the Newlyweds are no longer current....
  • when I try to do any kind of math // I'm still waiting for the day that I need to put calculus to work in the real world -- but I probably shouldn't hope for it since I struggle with basic math. "$400 a week? Four weeks in a month? That's like $1200 a month!" oddly enough -- if you ask me to calculate a batting average or tell you how much that cute dress is going to cost if it's 40% off -- I can usually do that. obviously it's multiplication I'm bad at. 
  • spelling. in general. // I can never EVER spell the word restaurant in one try [not even that time] I always need those squiggly red lines. If I'm writing a thank you note I have to type it in word first to check for said squiggly lines. 
found heeeere!
  • balancing my checkbook // this is probably 100% related to my math skills. I cannot balance a checkbook if my life depended on it. My goal is just to have a positive number on the wells fargo website come the day before pay day. Even if that positive number is less than 10. 
    found here!
That being said, I hope everyone is having a marvelous Monday. I'm sure I'll do more dumb things to add to this list soon.

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  1. Okay, wait seriously? I just posted a comment but I don't see it. F.U. comment box!!

    And now I want to eat curly fries...