Martha Berry House O' Dreams

On Saturday, my mother and I decided that 86 degrees with 10000% humidity was an outstanding time to make the hike up to the House O' Dreams at Berry College. I'm pretty sure we burned more calories than RunKeeper said because it was like hiking in a freaking sauna
I really love all of the stories behind Berry College. My favorite has to be about how Henry Ford was rude to Martha Berry and tossed her some peanuts when she approached him for a donation for her school.  The House O' Dreams is on top of Lavender Mountain on Berry's Mountain Campus. The house was built in 1922 by students and staff as a gift to Martha Berry, how cool is that? [read more on Berry's website // or you can take a virtual tour here!]
We took one of the dogs, Pete, with us. He was SO EXCITED that he was getting to go for a car ride and adventure -- but I don't know if he'll be trusting us again anytime soon. We trekked up the winding road to the top of the mountain and walked Pete to one of the ponds on the grounds -- while he was trying to decide if it was shallow enough for him to sit in it to cool off, he definitely fell into the pond...
This is Pete
This is the pond Pete fell into
After we made it back down and drove for ice cream -- Pete refused to get out of the car without some treats to entice him. I definitely recommend this hike for everyone. There were even little kids on the trail [total troopers, in my opinion] it's a pretty long hike [I want to say it was about 8 miles total]  but the views are stellar and you can hang out on the House o' Dreams grounds for however long enjoying the scenery. 

Do you have any hikes we should look into? We've got Stone Mountain in mind for our next hike. 


  1. Beautiful pictures. Callaway might be a nice place to hike next time. It is a pretty long drive from Rome, but it might be worth it.

    1. thank you!! I haven't been to Callaway since I was a kid! We'll have to put it on our list!