My Completely Reasonable Birthday List

So, today my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday, because I'm turning old on Thursday. So I figured in honor of my birthday week I'd like to share my completely reasonable birthday wish list. I hope you're ready! 
is it just me, or does nothing top 21st birthday pictures? 
a job that I love that also pays for said house + puppy. 
an occasion to wear this dress from Rent The Runway (full disclosure, that second link is a referral code, but you can get like $10 off your first rental!)
a nice pair of earrings (with a solid back because I always only lose one. I have a drawer full of mismatched earrings.)
dream jeep wrangler
everything in my Pinterest closet.
all of the Barre classes
another Eurotrip ;; I'm thinking Ireland or Munich for Oktoberfest....
tickets to all of the Shaky festivals this summer (Knees AND Boots)
UGA Football season tickets + a hotel for the season.
I think that's about it. If you're going to get me the jeep (you really should) could you give me a little heads up before I pay my birthday tax to renew my tag? Awesome. What's on your birthday wishlist? 

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