Fifteen Things in 2015

I can't keep new year's resolutions. I usually break them before my birthday month is over [yeah, I call dibs on the whole month, what of it?] Instead, I'm making a to-do list of fifteen things I want to accomplish in 2015. Nothing flimsy like "get in shape" [ did I mention I lost weight in Europe? apparently walking nearly 15 miles a day will do that to a girl. ] but somethings that I can track and update and obviously use as blogging material [sometimes I think I do more things because I can blog about them...
  1. Monetize the blog. heyoooo wanna sponsor Kasey at the Bat? That option is totally coming soon, so get in line ladies! haha
  2. Leave the country again. let's put another stamp in that fancy new passport I got! 
  3. Pay off my credit cards. my credit card debt isn't too bad [it's peanuts compared to my student loans.] but I'd really love to not have to make payments on them anymore. 
  4. Declutter. this isn't like "omg I need to clean out my closet" this is like, "why are there still boxes of stuff at my parents house from when I moved back from California? what's even in there?" I need to get rid of the stuff, obviously I don't need it. 
  5. One race per month. or at least 12 total. So far I have the Atlanta Mission 5K in February, Peachtree in July, and Ugly Sweater in December. I guess I need to find something for January! ooops! 
  6. Read 100 books. I think that's like 8 a month, right? Totally doable. Except, does the complete works of Sherlock Holmes count as one or more than one? 
  7. Try a new restaurant every month. 
  8. Visit at least 5 of the breweries within driving distance. Who wants to join me on this one? There are so many fun new ones. I think my first one will be Schoolhouse because Jennifer always posts the coolest pictures from there... 
  9. Take at least one picture per day. Okay, so I don't know if I'm ready to commit to like a #kaseydoes2015 type thing + post one per day on Instagram, but I want to have a blog post at the end of the year with 365 pictures. A collage for each month. That sounds really cool. 
  10. Send thank you notes. Or just little note cards. I want to express my gratitude more, also I love thank you notes. So two birds, right? 
  11. Improve my handwriting, learn calligraphy. 
  12. Cook Sunday night dinners every week. Or at least one, nice, fun, sit down dinner a week. Not in front of the TV. At the dinner table. 
  13. Accomplish a DIY project each month. OH GUYS I HAVEN'T SHOWED YOU HOW AWESOME MY BAR LOOKS! I'm so proud of it. 
  14. Make it to the beach more than once. I have a wedding to be in in Wilmington, so that's a trip to the beach, but I also want to make sure to get at least two more in there! 
  15. Find + commit to a workout plan. Right now, it might just be barre class. We'll see what my Classpass adventure turns up though..
There you have it! The fifteen things I want to accomplish this year. Not flimsy New Year's resolutions, but attainable goals for the year! What are you going to accomplish in 2015? 

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