Five Things I Learned From Traveling Alone

HEY GUYS GUESS WHO'S BACK STATESIDE? This girl. I did it. I leaped outside of my comfort zone, apparently completely overcame my issue with flights, and went to EUROPE for nine days and didn't know a soul. I did it. I wasn't scared. I didn't cry. I didn't even get homesick. WHAT. Okay. Here's what I learned about myself: 

my kinda obnoxious sense of direction is worldwide :: It drives the people around me a little crazy how good I am at figuring out how to get places + how to get back. Apparently this is worldwide.

I really can make friends with a wall :: okay, so not literally. I've always said that I've never met a stranger, but being plopped down in Europe not knowing a single person put that to the test! I totally made all sorts of friends.

wanderlust is real y'all :: I had zero desire to come back. I mean I was walking through London planning on how I could start applying to grad schools + get my MBA there. I'm still leaning on that idea. Also I'm ready to pack my bags + travel other places.

I'm really bad at stairs :: so in Europe the stairs are steeper than America. maybe they're more coordinated or more focused on managing space. either way, our last night in Amsterdam I tumbled down the stairs. hit the floor face first. didn't break any bones. it was a miracle. and it was hilarious. 

the more I enjoy a place/activity/adventure, the less pictures I take :: Paris was my least favorite city of them all [I know, the horror! ] but the city I have the most pictures from. I was too busy enjoying the experience to take too many pictures everywhere else. I think that's a good thing.

So that's what I learned about my life! Did you see my instagrams? I found that I had to make a conscious effort to take pictures with my phone, not just Ringo the Rebel. Are y'all ready for never ending recaps of my trip? Because I could talk about it forever. Happy happy Friday (it is Friday, right? I'm not really sure what's going on yet. I tried to give the drive thru lady at Einstein Bros pounds instead of dollars.) I'm off to call FEMA about the disaster area that is my room where my suitcase exploded.............

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