26 Things I Learned at 26

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Would I even be a good blogger if I didn't do 26 things I learned in 26 years? Also, this is the only place I'll admit that. I'll be telling everyone else it's the fifth anniversary of my 21st birthday. so, yeah. 
  1. A good, long, hot shower can change your entire outlook on life. 
  2. It's totally okay to say "no" when you don't want to do something, you can't make everyone happy.
  4. Credit cards are a bitch.
  5. Real books don't have a battery, but an e-reader is a lot lighter + easier to tote through the airport...
  6. [I know this is cliche + clashes with #2, but you know. #sorrynotsorry] doing things that are out of your comfort zone can open up doors + introduce you to people you could never imagine. 
  7. fresh air is good for you, you should choose your bars/dinner places based on rooftop patios.
  8. ceiling fans are non-negotiable. 
  9. if you don't ask, the answer is always no.
  10. drink all the water that you can. trust me. even if you have to pee all the time, it's worth it. 
  11. if your sneakers are fantastic colors, it'll make you want to wear them more + work out more.
  12. the same goes for your gym clothes. if they're fun, you'll want to wear them. 
  13. it's easier to keep your room clean than it is to let it get to natural disaster levels + then try to rehaul the whole thing. 
  14. boxed wine tastes just as good as that fancy stuff, but it costs less, stays cold, stays fresh longer after you open it, and is always on tap. the only downside is that you don't get any corks for art projects. 
  15. just because it "fits" doesn't mean you should wear it. 
  16. don't click on those articles that say things like "her husband told her to back her bags, you won't believe what happens next!" it's not worth it. it's probably a dumb story for clickbait.
  17. Instagram isn't real life. it's the best picture, a creative filter, and a clever caption. 
  18. Pinterest hair tutorials are made for people with super cooperative hair, not hair that could just about pass for a mane. 
  19. if someone gossips to you, they probably gossip about you. 
  20. always have a backup battery. 
  21. smile at strangers on the street even if you're having a bad day** 
  22. don't go to the grocery store hungry, or right after work, or on Saturday, or Sunday. 
  23. sometimes, you just gotta drink champagne + dance on the table.
  24. wear. sunscreen. 
  25. if you tip the bartender well, you're next drink will [almost] always be better. 
  26. don't worry about that guy judging you while you're rocking out to "Baby One More Time" with your windows down in January. he's just jealous that he's not Britney, bitch. 
TA DA. I've learned a lot. Obviously. Who would have thought I'd learn this much by the time I was 26, I swear when I was 18 I knew everything!

**okay. not everyone is a serial killer, but don't be dumb about it. there's a difference between smiling at strangers and getting yourself into a bad situation. don't get yourself into a bad situation. okay? okay. good talk.

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