Paris Is Always A Good Idea

Warning. I have an unpopular opinion about Paris. I didn't like it. I mean. I'm glad I went, I do want to see the crypt where all the bones are, but I don't think I'd be all about going back. I wasn't impressed. I loved the food [guys, escargot is actually really tasty.] I did take forty million pictures though. I might even need more than one post. Whaaaaaat. Here are some of my favorites:
Obviously, there are plenty of Eiffel Tower pictures. From like seventy billion different angles. Because.. Paris?

UNTIL TOM EATS JERRY. #relationshipgoals. ALSO. We learned that the French government does not care for your love locks + that a couple of weeks before we got there part of the bridge FELL OFF + ALMOST KILLED SOMEONE ON THE RIVER. Your love is too heavy for the bridges in Paris guys. 
I actually think I would like to see the gardens at Versailles in the summer. So maybe I could be convinced to go back to Paris. Who am I kidding, I will alway be down to go anywhere.  
Official decision, there will be at least one more Paris photo dump. Soooooooo stick around! Have you been to Paris? What was your favorite part? 

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