Hashtag Space Cadet

GUYS, I couldn't get my act together for Write or Die today. So go over to Mia + Shelly's places + read all of those first. It's okay, I'll wait............. So, let's talk Hashtag Humpday instead, okay? Okay. 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
We talked about my barre class addiction -- I'm doing THREE classes this week. I think I'm even ready to join a gym (HEY PS WHY ARE THEY ALL A ZILLION DOLLARS A MONTH?) But the biggest deal? In my class on Monday I COULD TOUCH MY TOES. I also didn't even almost fall down in the stretches, BUT THE TOES THING. #happydance #smallvictorites 
I momentarily forgot how to order coffee this morning. Because as I told Melissa, I need coffee to make coffee. The barista who remembers me always laughed at me, then I ordered a giant coffee + now I'm TOTALLY WIRED. sorry in advanced for the weird comments I'm going to leave today. #actuallynotsorry #theyregonnabehilarious #becauseCOFFECOFFECOFFEE
No one has told me they're buying me the dream jeep off of my birthday wishlist, so I'm now planning a convincing argument as to why a jeep dealership should give me one for marketing purposes. #becauseImablogger #youknowmoreadvertisement #PLUSIWOULDLOOKSOCUTE
Welp. Since I already hit "publish" instead of "save" on this post, I guess that's the end of it. OBVIOUSLY I am extra special this week. What's up with everyone else? #tellmemoretellmemore

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