2014 Through The Lens

GUYS. I'm just not ready to delve into editing all of my Europe pictures. Honestly. I'm suffering from some post-vacation depression. I wanted to stay in London -- like forever... So let's see what the highlights of 2014 were, according to my instagram feed!
2014 through the lens
row one :: kicking assphault in the Peachtree Road Race ;; Oktoberfest in Helen ;; LEAVING AMERICA FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER
row two :: acting like freshmen again for recruitment ;; LAURA GOT ENGAGED ;; all of the football games
row three :: Lebeaufest 14 ;; FIREWORKS IN AMSTERDAM ;; ATL Blogger Holiday Meetup !!

All That's Glittered
Obviously, these were my favorites. I can't believe that it's already halfway through January. GUYS. IT'S ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY. I better get to work on the "26 things I learned by 26" **spoiler alert** [oh, spoiler alert is supposed to come before the spoiler, isn't it? oops] Anyways, I know it's a week or two late in blogland, but I'm really excited to see what 2015 has in store for me. What were your favorite instagrams of 2014? 

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