Weekly Wishes + One Lovely Blog!

Oh hello blogland! It's Monday again, so obviously it's time to wrap up my weekly wishes with TNC + also the prettiest princess there ever was, Bri over at All That's Glittered, nominated me for a One Lovely Blog award! I have all the energy today because I went to sleep at 6:30 pm last night [Athens: 1, Kasey: 0] and I'm jamming to Christmas music! Let's do it to it!
last week's wishes::
clean the apartment// check!! I mean we did manage to make a huge mess Saturday morning. By we, I mean me. By making Deep Fried Tequila shots. Keep an eye out for a post on that later this week, without an "after" picture because I kinda burnt them so they weren't pretty, also we were trying to run out the door. but they are delicious. or they were. they were all gone as soon as I started handing them out.
two miles per day for #100byChristmas// okay. I kind of failed at this. but I made up for it. I'm just not letting myself off the hook. I wanted 10 miles last week, and I managed it. but gameday walking, I just don't know if it counts. I mean I'm sore as all can be from trotting all over campus in cowboy boots + all of the stairs man. But I didn't do two a day. I'm keeping this goal for this week again.
last payment for Europe!! // so I am set up on an automatic transfer plan because it saved me $$$ and I would have to cancel it and schedule the payment to have it process more before next Wednesday. But it's paid off either way!! happy dance! Also it's only 41 DAYS AWAY!!!

this week's wishes:: 
get to work on the bar cart // my grandmother found me an old tea cart at a junk store, so I'm going to get that from her + start making it pretty!! I'll totally post updates on instagram, so you should probably be following me there. sorry not sorry for that shameless plug...
two miles a day. duh. // I can already feel myself trying to make an excuse for tonight, because I'm mega sore from the weekend. maybe I can do the stationary bike and catch up on some reading? 
finish the blog business plan // this is pretty self explanatory, but I'm trying to plan for 2015! can you believe it's already almost Thanksgiving!? where has 2014 gone?

Here are the rules - because we all know how good I am at following the rules. 
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award Logo on your post/blog 
  • Share 7 Facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 (okay 10-15?) Bloggers you admire & let them know by commenting on their blog
Okay! So 7 random facts::
  1. I have a real talent when it comes to opening champagne bottles. I never make a mess or shoot the cork across the yard. This is a skill that I think would be relevant on a resume but I'm pretty sure I shouldn't put it on there.
  2. I've worn glasses since middle school, but I probably needed them earlier. My parents thought I just wanted to be trendy. 
  3. Speaking of my parents, growing up my dad had this camo cooler and they convinced me I couldn't see it. I believed it for a really long time until I finally figured out that it wasn't ever there. 
  4. I love love jumping in puddles. I don't think I will ever grow out of it. I put my rain boots to WORK y'all. I really love the rain. 
  5. I am super competitive, so I've learned a lot about myself by having a losing fantasy football team. 
  6. I have serious haircut anxiety. Don't tell me it's not a real thing. I have panic attacks when I try out new hair salons, the man who has been cutting my hair forever even knows to talk me through a hair cut. It's probably ridiculous, but so am I. 
  7. I fall down more than normal people probably should. If you don't see a bruise or seven on my legs, then you're probably not looking at my legs. 
Now for my nomineeeeees!
Melissa at the Rambling Llama -- totally cheating because I know she's already been nominated. See what I mean about rules?
Melissa at Daily Chaos.
Laura at Port City Party
Michelle at Becoming a Heath

okay so maybe that's only five. You know how I feel about rules anyways. OH PS don't forget today is the last day to enter Becca's birthday giveaway!! 
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  1. Love it. Opening Champagne bottles gives me a bit of anxiety, I feel like I'm gonna pop someone in the eyeball. If I were you, I would totes add that to the resume, Special skills anyone?

  2. I don't know exactly how I got to be so good at it, but I feel like it's worth bragging about!

  3. That camo cooler story is awesome. A pretend-cooler? Love it!

  4. haha well they really had the cooler, they would just tell me that it was there when it wasn't really....

  5. I fell for it for SO LONG. I'm adorable.

  6. Oooh, I so want a bar cart. Totally following you on Instagram so I can check that out. :)

    And I want to hear more about this blog business plan!!! ;)

  7. I cannot wait to see bar cart progress! and THANK YOU for the nomination (rule breaker) I accept! hahaha. also... this: "I have serious haircut anxiety. " this is why we're meant to be friends because I'm RIGHT THERE with you. (hi, I'm Melissa and I STILL haven't gotten a haircut!!!) uuggghhh. still no new hairdresser.

  8. Best of wishes with everything you have planned this week! I need to update my business blog plan as well.

  9. I'm really pumped about the bar cart. I will also totally be sharing the whole blog business plan process once I'm done with it!! thanks for following along!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. my bangs are crooked and I've cried about it more than once. I mean I could have done them my self for a lot less than $55.