Clean, Old Fashioned Hate

Hey, what do you call a pretty girl on Tech's campus? a visitor. Sorry, not sorry nerds. The Georgia Georgia Tech rivalry is by far the weirdest one we have. It's one of those that one side feels more than the other. Honestly, we don't really care what Tech does any other time of the year, unless they're playing us. I have some great friends who went to Tech though, and they apparently teach those kids to hate us during orientation. It's more of a sibling rivalry if anything. We have some nicknames for them, and they try to make sassy smart nicknames for us. My favorite is when they put sic. next to our name, as if we're archaic and outdated. Anyways. Here are the five things you need to know about the North Avenue Trade School before you head up to Athens this weekend. 

we run this state // I want to say it was my junior year? The Tech kids talk a huge game. We had Joe Cox, and it was a shaky year for sure. The year before Tech had come to Athens and ripped up the hedges. [side note. don't. touch. the. hedges. we don't take lightly to that and we will not forget that you did that]  so we went down to Atlanta and made a statement. I still have the shirt with "we run this state" written on the eye black of the cartoon Uga. Since 1991, Georgia Tech has won four of the matchups. 
to hell with Georgia Tech // okay, so that's in our [unofficial..] fight song. we change it for whoever we play, but you know, Georgia Tech has the right amount of syllables [unlike "awwwwburn"]. It's not officially in our fight song though. so Tech wrote their own song "to hell with Georgia" to the same tune as our fight song. They also have us in their official fight song. So. there's that one too. 

the triple option // Tech runs what is referred to as an "option offense" it means they toss the ball around laterally a lot which really stresses me out. It's also hard to defend against because they're in the backfield playing hot potato! Paul Johnson's (Tech's coach) triple option plan is so fancy he even gets his own little note on the wikipedia page. [sorry for citing wikipedia there, I just thought it was crazy that his specific option offense is worth noting.]
UGA leads // I mentioned that tech has only won 4 times since 1991, well overall the record stands, with Georgia leading, at 69-39-5. I'm not even going to make an ACC dig here. Also, worth noting, Tech won their division and will be playing FSU next weekend. We're still hoping for Missouri to lose because we couldn't beat Florida and Tennessee just couldn't hold onto the ball last week. I don't want to talk about it.

the odds are good, but the goods are odd // so, at Georgia the female to male student ratio is about 60/40. Also, I swear every girl at Georgia is the pretty girl. It's outrageous. You've seen how we dress on gameday. Well, at Tech, the ratio is about 70% males and  30% females.  [hey, which I don't condone, engineering is cool. more girls should be engineers. I was originally an engineering major, I only changed because I'm not so good at chemistry, I actually got into Tech early, and deferred from Georgia.] I did always like going to Tech parties in college, because a lot of the time we ended up being the only girls there. 

Oh, FUN STORY guys. Last year the game was at Tech, and I was trying to find the physics building because that's where the tailgate I was looking for was. So I got most of the way there and got a little turned around, because it's not my campus, and so I asked a couple of Tech students where it was. They sent me in 100% the wrong direction. SO what teams are you rooting for this weekend? You should probably cheer for Arkansas, if you like me at all.