Weekly Wishes :: Eighteen

I cannot believe that it is already Thanksgiving. THANKSGIVING! December is next. week. next week. Oh my goodness. THAT MEANS I LEAVE FOR EUROPE IN LIKE. SIX WEEKS. oh. okay. I'm freaking out now. So there's that. Let's just jump right into weekly wishes with The Nectar Collective, huh?
last week's wishes::
get to work on the bar cart // so the cart my grandmother found was mislabeled and the price was too much, but we went to a junk store + haggled for a bakers rack! boom! I'm so excited. I've started scrounging for frames too. 
two miles a day. duh. // okay. so technically it wasn't two miles a day, but I did do 10 miles last week between the bike and my regular walks! 
finish the blog business plan // still working on this one, look out, maybe I'll share it this week. probably not. probably next week. 

this week's wishes:: 
make a tasty desert for thanksgiving and remember to take pictures so I can blog it // I'm thinking sopapilla cheesecake, because yum and it's so easy.
two miles a day // I'm hitting #100byChristmas if my legs fall off. 
finish the blog business plan // for obvious reasons. I'm hoping to do something serious in 2015. and I love a good plan! 

Okay! That's what I want to get done this week! I even managed to write and schedule three posts for this week over the weekend in my football sofa fort. Multitasking for the win! What are you going to accomplish this holiday week? Do you have any deserts you want to share? OH ALSO. you need to check out Melissa's super fantastic hack for a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. yum. 


  1. Ok i'm going to need you to blog about the dessert because it sounds delicious.

  2. oh for sure. it's SO EASY and so tasty!

  3. I LOVE sopapilla cheesecake! I can't wait to see your pictures of it. And push on with the two miles a day..You can it do it!

  4. isn't it just the tastiest of treats? I love love love it! Thanks!!

  5. Hi Kasey. I'm looking forward to seeing your cheesecake pictures and good luck with your 2 miles a day. It's cold and dark in the evenings now in the UK so I've totally slacked off with my running :( Must try to get back to it in the New Year.

  6. HAHA your football sofa fort! I would love to see pictures of that. "where I blogged last weekend" ;) haha.
    And YES PLEASE to the cheesecake. I need the recipe. I can barely bake to save my life, but dangit I'll put in the college effort!

  7. Tis the season for blog business plans! lol I'm working on mine too - slowly but surely. :)

  8. I'm very interested in what this blog business plan includes!

  9. Melissa @ Daily ChaosNovember 24, 2014 at 5:44 PM

    You can do it! Run run run! Also please tell us more about what a blog business plan entails!!! If you haven't tried the peppermint mocha yet I will make one for you in spirit and send you a picture....thinking of being bad and putting whipped cream on it....

  10. This blog business plan sounds interesting and I LOVE my bar cart so I get super excited to see anyone else's!

  11. Look at you being productive! Happy Thanksgiving week! xo