Hashtag Humpday: #thestruggleisreal

No, you scheduled posts for next week, talked about how excited you were for the linkups today earlier, and still forgot to schedule a post for today. Oh wait, yeah, that's definitely me. I am driving the strugglebus on this here, my surprise day off. But look! It's Schmidt!
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
#thestruggleisreal -- I drove past five different places I could have gotten coffee this morning to get Dunkin Donuts, I was so pumped. The ladies there were so nice. Plus I got coffee and a bagel for less than coffee at Starbucks. So I go to drink my coffee? It was hot chocolate. Maybe I cried. Then I got lost in World Market (I just remembered why I was in there, I wanted to make peppermint mochas. damnit.) So then I venture next door, to Kroger, where I fight a really deep battle over "wait, do I get salted or unsalted butter? what's the difference between kroger cinnamon and that  $7 cinnamon?" most of those were internal. Then I stopped at the coffee juice refrigerator-- did y'all know Bailey's makes coffee juice? I looked at it and said apparently out loud "does this have booze in it!?" THE REFRIGERATOR ANSWERED ME. 
#blessed -- PLEASE tell me you've seen Christian Girl Instagram. No? Here, I got it for you. 
#justcallmemartha -- somehow I made it through Kroger AND got all of the things I need for my sopapilla cheesecake. I'll be making that one later and you can watch for it TOMORROW! I promise. I'm going to make it RIGHT. NOW. and take all the pictures.

#ICYMI -- while we're on the instagram bus -- what if guys acted like girls on instagram? over on Witty + Pretty, and how to be a successful blogger on instagram over at The Daily Tay!

Does anyone else say "hashtag" before some really ridiculous statement? Because I've noticed I've been doing that a lot lately. I hope y'all still want to be my friend. hashtag sorry not sorry..


  1. All I can say is bless your little heart and I love you so.

  2. SHUT.THE.FRONT.DOOR. Sopapilla cheescake...I didn't know this was even a thing but now..I must find this or make it!!!! Holy moly..I am pumped about this existing!

  3. #thisisawesome thanks for joining in Kasey! I can't wait to hear more about this cheesecake. I'm not a big cheesecake fan #gasp but I do LOVE sopapillas, so it could be the crossover of my dreams.

  4. oh man. it's the most delicious. and it takes zero time. and it's good hot or cold. and it keeps well. and I love it. people always think I have some fancy baking skills...

  5. OMG the Christian girl instagram is cracking me up!

  6. Kasey, I just came across your blog and I thought this post was pretty #hilarious. I loved the Christian Girl Instagram - too funny and probably realistic.

    ~ Christina


  7. oh yay!! I've always wanted to be #hilarious!! I'm so glad you stopped by!!!!

  8. I love the "if guys acted like girls on instagram" hahaha I was dying!!