Goals + Wishes + Pictures, Oh My!

So I'm already on my second [if my first was a grande from starbs, does that make it my third?] cup of coffee today. I do need to do a major shout out, I don't think I would have been capable of getting out of bed this morning without Daylight Savings. I'm sure when I get home from work + it's already dark, I'll be singing a different song, but right now I'm digging it. I have all the things today, wishes, goals, AND through the lens! Let's do it to it!
ps, I took this picture with my iPhone. Can you believe that? hashtag thanks VSCO cam.
just kidding. I didn't accomplish any of them because I could not get my act together last week. I didn't even pack for the weekend until Friday morning before work. I had 400 instagram followers for about a day, then as soon as I said something about it, I lost 5? so... I'll just leave that there. 

This Week's Wishes //
that super fun craft project :: that I am going to knock out this week. has anyone used liquid nails instead of hot glue for wine corks? I'm only 34% sure I can find my hot glue gun... 
schedule at least four posts :: how many times can I talk about my editorial calender and not post about how I made it? 
minimal dining out :: I have the Auburn game to save up for and I also need a new gameday dress now... so I'm shooting to make almost all of my meals this week [exception: special occasions like a birthday...] 

November goals // 
Since I already recapped October goals + how I kicked butt here I'm going to go ahead + skip to November goals. [BUT HOW IS IT NOVEMBER ALREADY]
start planning everything for while I'm in Europe :: oh my god, my Europe trip is officially "next month" I'm panicking a little. It's already paid off [what whaaaat] but I have to plan blog things since I'm on the fence about toting my laptop around Europe... anyone want to guest post between 12/29-1/8? 
actually participate in the Holiday Hunny challenge // I hit 99 by Halloween because I totally forgot that I would spend almost all of actual Halloween in a car Jacksonville bound. I'm actually quite irritated with myself because 99 out of 100 is so stinking close. So here's hoping I kick #100byChristmas booty. 
take more pictures // I promised a million times to take all the pictures at Georgia Florida + all I ended up taking pictures of were the sunset after the game + one really sad, cold face at the end of the game. liar liar pants on fire. 

SPEAKING of pictures, let's look at October through the lens!
LeBeaufest 14 || The Lucky Dress [I think that picture is technically September, oooops] || Oktoberfest in Helen || Georgia Voter! -- in making this collage, I realize I did a horrible job of taking pictures in October. Get it together, self.. 

So! What do you have planned for November? Linking up all the places because it's Monday, obviously..
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  1. Love your weekly wishes!!! Minimal Dining out is like my biggest issues. It's just so much easier going out to eat or ordering in than cooking!!!

    Also I followed you on Insta to try to get you back to that 400 mark! It sucks when people unfollow for no reason!

    Have fun in Europe! My boyfriend and I did a big trip this summer and it was the best. Crazy, Exhausting but the best two weeks ever.

  2. thank you thank you!! I don't get the unfollowing thing, I don't think I'm an obnoxious instagrammer! I don't think I usually notice because my follower number isn't usually so round, you know? haha. I'm SO SO pumped for Europe, I'm doing one of those EF College Break trips [even though I graduated college four years ago, who's counting?] so I'm sure it's gonna be 9 straight nonstop days + I cannot wait!

  3. Curses to you for actually liking Daylight Savings. haha. I've found as well if I talk about my followers, that magically a bunch of them disappear that very same day.

  4. new dress for weather changes or new dress because of Saturday's score??
    *insert hand raises emoji here* to do a guest post. If you'll have me. :D

  5. it just really helped me be a human at 7 am since the sun was already up, I'm sure I'll also try to go to bed at 6:45 tonight... I just wish I knew what I did to make them leave, was it too many nature hikes?! were they offended that I voted?!

  6. Saturday's score AND the weather. I almost froze to death Saturday. [that is an exaggeration. but I was very cold + struggled to open beer cans because my fingers were numb. cold hands, warm heart] and I would LOVE to have you for a guest poster!! I don't leave until the 29th of December, so you have plenty of time to decide which day and what you wanna write!!!

  7. Thanks for linking up! Love the Oktoberfest pic! So Cute! Also, Where are you going in Europe? #Jealous

  8. Jennifer Halcomb-LebeauNovember 3, 2014 at 3:01 PM

    any particular topics for guest posting?

  9. well thanks for hosting! I'm going to Amsterdam for NYE, then Brussels, Paris, AND London. It's so soon. like 55 days soon. I'm freaking out...

  10. I probably won't guest post for you but I will tell you that you need to go here while you're away: http://www.yelp.com/biz/le-refuge-des-fondues-paris

    I've probably told you about that place before. The fondue is good, but the important thing is the wine. Paris has a tax on wine by the glass, so they get around it using baby bottles. It's strange and wonderful at the same time. Also if you sit in the back right corner booth...look for lots of DG things on the wall courtesy of (duh) yours truly. and maybe in the bathroom too....

  11. Yes to more pictures! And totally looking into the #holidayhunnies thing now so thanks! Obvs I've been MIA foreverrrrrrrr so my main goal is to blog more. Promise I've been reading your blog, just haven't been able to comment because of the stupid work block! It loads your posts but not the Disqus comment thing!

  12. oh I will absolutely be checking this place out. I totally remember the pictures from your adventure! also you should TOTALLY guest post. You have 55 days to think about what you wanna say. It'll be fun!

  13. I really love the Tone It Up set up. I can never get myself to commit to the meal planning, because I can't commit to really anything ever, but it's such a great community and it's all positive women who just want to encourage you to be the best you can be!! Stupid work block indeed! Don't they know that comments matter too?!

  14. Jennifer Halcomb-LebeauNovember 4, 2014 at 2:15 PM

    i can if you like :)

  15. Great photos! Thanks for sharing with us again, Kasey!!

  16. what type of guest posts are you looking for?