Weekly Wishes :: Two + Motivational Monday

As the state of Georgia is preparing for the second snowstorm in as many weeks -- I am doing everything I can to pretend it's just going to be almost in the 60's all week like it was this weekend. I'm really just ready for spring. Baseball games, sundresses, + longer days -- bring it on.
First -- how did I do last week? I crushed those goals. This might be the most accomplished I've felt during free agency. First of all, it didn't take me that long to clean my room -- cleaning out my closet definitely helped. Second -- I have no idea why I've been putting off my passport. It took more time to get my picture made than it did for anything else. I was inside the courthouse for maybe ten minutes. I even left the house every single day. Once to get coffee + a new book, the rest to be a real productive person. 

So -- week two:

one :: get to the new kickboxing gym I found. The first class is free -- so I can decide if that's my gym to join in February. They have flexible membership options but no website. The lack of website really gives me pause -- but they have so many positive reviews on their Facebook page. What's the harm in taking a free class anyways?

two :: drink three of my big Tervis tumblers full of water every day. Hand-in-hand with my February goal for no cokes all month -- more water is always important. I need to get in the habit before it gets to be summer because I always forget to hydrate in the summer. 

three :: read through + figure out the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. I really want to commit to this -- but even as I write this goal I start to back out of it. Everyone raves about this + I need to check it out. 

I have a little bit of a rant for your Monday Motivation. Why do you feel bad on Valentine's Day being a single person? Why should you? Valentine's Day seems like it's a lot of pressure for those in a relationship -- but it shouldn't be if you're not. Why not take Valentine's + celebrate yourself? Love yourself. How can you love someone else if you don't love yourself? You are awesome. Just ask Kid President. Take Valentine's Day + be your own reason to dance! Get a manicure, make yourself some coffee, buy that pair of shoes you wanted -- whatever you do -- just take the day to celebrate yourself. 
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  1. I have always wanted to try kickboxing! I hope you go and that you have allot of fun! Them not having a website would make me pause to but a facebook page is probably more current. LOVE the quote! Happy Monday!

    1. Angela -- I took kickboxing classes in high school + I was absolutely in love. I've been trying to find a good gym since I graduated! Thanks for stopping by! You don't happen to have a relative named Ryan working for the Nats up in DC do you? Wiebe doesn't seem like it would be that common of a last name!

  2. Hello Kasey!

    Jen here from last week's Weekly Wishes. I am just checking in. I am glad that you crushed your Weekly Wishes! Congrats! If the first class of kickboxing is free might as well take it! Plus working out will get you thirsty and help you drink your three tumblers of water!

    While I was driving to school, I was listening to the radio and they were helping people write valentines. Many people were asking about valentines for their family. Which I thought was cool. Valentines day isn't just for love between couples. Its love for everyone. Hope your week goes well!


  3. Hope you love the new gym! Good luck this week.

  4. oooh! I've always wanted to try kickboxing! Let me know how it goes. As for staying hydrated, I could probably do some more of that myself. Hope you have a wonderful week!