10 Things That Matter This Thursday

Free agency has given me [entirely too much] free time to do + realize just all sorts of things. One of those things is that I have somehow picked up the phrase "x matters" from one of my friends. I'm not talking about like "feeding the homeless matters" in the use of the phrase. More along the lines of "birthdays matter" or "cheeseburgers matter" -- so really just ridiculous things. That's a lie, cheeseburgers aren't ridiculous + they absolutely matter.

one:: NAPS. Y'all. Naps are important. Naps matter. I don't know why we waste naps on kindergarteners who don't appreciate them, they should be saved for those of us who realize how amazing they are. Sign me up for a job where naps are part of the day -- preferably right after lunch. 

two:: coffee. That probably goes hand-in-hand with the need for naps. Except sometimes coffee matters at 4 pm in the afternoon when you have a brand new book + bakery treat. Oh man. I love coffee. A large hazelnut with sugar in the raw please. 

three:: compression leggings/yoga pants. I'm not quite coordinated enough for yoga (I pretend to be when I use my Chromecast to stream yoga videos -- but obviously where no one can see me) Those pants are so damn comfortable + they make me feel skinny + they make other people think that I work out more than I really do. 

four:: lap desks. My grandmother got me one of those "as seen on tv!" lap desks + I didn't know what I was missing out on. I don't know about yours, but my laptop gets super hot on my legs. Now I don't have to worry about and kind of burns plus it sits higher + it's really just awesome. It has this LED light that I don't know what to do with though, it's like if I wanted to read a book in secret...

five:: lists. Duh.

six:: Netflix instant streaming. Like I mentioned, I have that cool Chromecast thing + somehow in the past three weeks I've watched all 8 seasons of How I Met Your Mother. I don't know how it happened. The only beef I have with Netflix is that literally every movie I want to watch is not on instant stream. bummer. 

seven:: these pictures with quotes on top of them. I even made a couple myself. Not this one at the top + not the one below. That's not important. I'm thinking of making a bunch of them on canvas + opening an etsy store. I'm sure there's some kind of copyright or something that I'd have to deal with, but they're important too.

eight:: spotify's never ending catalog of Disney music. I already know all of the words to every song from  Frozen + I'm not even a little ashamed. I just need someone to go with me to the sing-a-long showing. Anyone? Anyone? 

nine:: mimosas. Or as I like to make them "champagne with a tiny splash of orange juice sometimes not even any orange juice" mimosas are a great addition to any breakfast meal + I recommend them for other meals as well. Champagne never goes out of style.
see? they matter.
ten:: a good sense of humor. Lots of jokes man. all the jokes. they matter the most. 

So, there you go. Ten things that matter today. I forgot to put beer club on the list. Beer club matters because it's Taco Mac Thursdays + that means beer club with my aunt, grandmother, + free pint glasses! That being said. I'm going to go ahead + take advantage of how much naps matter.

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