Fan Friday: Freddie Freeman

The huggingst first baseman in Major League Baseball just signed the longest contract in Atlanta Braves history + I don't think that anyone could be mad about that. He's going to make an absurd $135 MILLION. I don't even know what I would do with $1 million. Like, I could pay off my student loans, credit cards, buy that Jeep Wrangler I want, pay the insurance on it for a year, + still have money to burn. So the salary numbers for professional athletes always make my head spin.

Forget how incredible he is at first base (I mean, he could make me look like an All Star second baseman out there -- all you have to do is get the ball within like 10 feet of him) + forget how awesome his offense is (which Braves Country did a little bit with all of Justin Upton's home runs in April last year)  the biggest thing Freddie brings to our Atlanta Braves is the hugs. They're like -- great hugs man. I mean look at the joy on his face up there! Our creative department even made a commercial about it -- the overbro:

There are tumblrs dedicated to Freddie Freeman hugging people. When I started google searching images for him -- google automatically suggested "Freddie Freeman hugging" I think Fox Sports South even did a segment on his hugs. He doesn't give them out all willy nilly, no you have to earn yourself a Freddie hug. Last year we even got him to the All-Star Game via fan vote with #HugsOverHype. 
Please ignore my Instagram enhanced sunburn..
I -- for one -- am super excited that we'll be taking Freddie + his hugs with us to the new ballpark. I think he was an excellent choice for the face of the franchise + I cannot wait for Spring Training games to start. 2014 is going to be a good season for my Bravos, I can feel it. 

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  1. This just made me so happy. I love it when the players not only get excited, but show emotion!! I still am in shock that the Braves are getting a new ballpark. I feel like Turner field JUST opened. But then again, it was like 10 years ago? 15? Ahhh I'm getting old.

    1. Oh man -- I love Turner Field -- but I am SUPER pumped for the new ballpark. There's going to be so much to do before + after games!